Loose Lips Sink Ships: Keeping Your Business Private During Divorce

loose-lips-sink-ships-posters2During your divorce, you might be tempted to talk to anyone who will listen. That’s perfectly normal, according to most psychologists, but it might have negative consequences. Your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer might advise you to keep your private life away from work and separate from social settings. Additionally, you’ll need to be careful what you say around your children; you could inadvertently cause them emotional trauma or be accused of parental alienation by your ex, which may affect the custody agreement you reach with your ex.

Tell Your Chapel Hill Divorce Lawyer Everything
While it seems like common sense, the place to divulge all the details is in your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer’s office. Your lawyer needs a clear picture of your situation so he or she can provide you with the most effective advice and help your divorce go as smoothly as possible.

Stay Away from the Water Cooler
It might seem therapeutic to discuss your divorce with acquaintances at work—and while you might feel better temporarily, the things you say around the water cooler can come back to haunt you. If you share work relationships with your spouse, he or she might confront you about what you’ve said; that can cause major problems for you and your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer. Additionally, rumors start easily in most workplaces. The office gossip can add things to your story that aren’t true, and once your divorce is over, you’ll still be dealing with the fallout.

Talking to Family and Friends
In most cases, it’s okay to share details with your family and friends. However, your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer will probably advise you to keep quiet about your divorce around people who are friends with you and your spouse. You’ll put them in the middle and run the risk of having them break your confidence by telling your spouse what you’ve said, and that’s not fair to any of you.

Keep the Kids Out of It
Even if your kids are adults, your divorce can be traumatic for them. They’re likely to feel torn between you and your ex, and if you share the sordid details with them, you’ll cause them more pain. Children want to be loyal to both parents, but painting your ex in a bad light can interrupt their natural relationships and can even negatively affect their relationship with you.

What Your Chapel Hill Divorce Lawyer Might Say
Your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer will likely tell you to be cautious about sharing the details of your case. He or she might also recommend that you talk to a counselor or therapist who can help you cope with your emotions and provide an outlet for your frustrations and feelings.