Can I Modify My Child Custody Agreement?

Modifying your child custody agreementWhen your kids aren’t happy living with your ex, or when you feel like they’re not getting the care they deserve, you might be able to work through your Charlotte divorce lawyer to modify your child custody agreement. There are a handful of reasons your child custody agreement can be modified, but remember, only your attorney can give you legal advice that’s tailored to your situation.

Can You Modify Child Custody?
When one parent violates a court order or when you both agree to it, you may be able to modify your child custody agreement. If you’re the party who wants to change the custody order, you’ll need to prove that it’s in your kids’ best interests.

If you think that your kids will be better cared for, happier and more well-adjusted with a change in custody – and you have a way to show the court that you’re right – it’s a good idea to call your lawyer.

What Your Lawyer Will Need
Your attorney will need any evidence you have that can help prove your kids will be better off with a change in the custody order. Some things that might count in your favor may include:

  • Your ex’s agreement to the change
  • Abuse or neglect
  • Proof of a substantial change of circumstances that affect the kids
  • Your ex’s bad conduct, mental state or emotional well-being

It’s important to remember that many things won’t affect your kids strongly enough to warrant a change in custody. In some cases, even out-of-state moves (if they are in the child’s best interests) aren’t necessarily grounds for a change in custody. If you’re not sure, your lawyer can help you determine whether you have a case that belongs in court.

In almost all cases, you’ll need to rely heavily on your attorney’s experience with North Carolina laws. Because custody is complex, and changing it can be difficult, following your lawyer’s guidance is a must.