Does an Age Gap Doom You to Divorce?

Divorcing an older spouseEarlier this year, Cindy Crawford blamed a 17-year age difference between her and her former husband, Richard Gere, for their divorce. It’s not uncommon for couples to fall in love and believe age is just a number—and to an extent, they’re right. But does a significant age gap mean you’re inevitably headed for a Charlotte divorce lawyer’s office?

What the Experts Say
An age gap doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doomed to divorce, but it probably does mean you’ll have to work harder on your marriage than couples who are close in age. Studies suggest that it’s normal for women to seek older men and for men to seek younger women—so what gives?

Different life-stage desires can pose big problems for married couples, and if that’s what happened in your marriage, you’re not alone. Psychologists suggest that the strain on a marriage is higher when you’re at different periods in your lives, which can ultimately lead to divorce.

Mid-Life vs. the Twilight Years: Physical Ability Makes a Difference
When couples who are close in age mature together, they generally experience the same physical ups and downs. However, couples with an age gap experience the physical effects of aging (and gravity!) at different times, which can lead to big trouble. When jogging, mountain biking and even sex take a backseat to less strenuous activities, the scales tip in the relationship and one party might feel like they’re being held back by the other.

Does Age Really Matter?
There’s no simple answer to that question. Plenty of couples who were born more than a decade apart are happily married, while others start searching for a Charlotte divorce lawyer when they realize they’re growing apart.

Special Considerations for an Age-Gap Divorce
Your Charlotte divorce lawyer will need to know what your financial situation looks like; are you or your spouse retired? Do you have substantial retirement savings to which you’ve both contributed?

Your lawyer will also ask you about kids—do you have children together (and do you need to work out a custody agreement?), or does one of you have children from a former relationship? Since every case has its own characteristics, your Charlotte divorce lawyer will work closely with you to create a plan of action for yours.