How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Charlotte?

Charlotte Divorce Lawyer fees

“How much does a divorce cost?” asked the divorce client of her Charlotte divorce lawyer.

“It costs as much as a car” responded the Charlotte attorney. It sounded like a joke, but it was serious.

“What kind of car?” asked the divorcing client.

“What kind of divorce?” asked the lawyer.

That wasn’t the answer the client wanted. She just wanted a number. Unfortunately, attorney fees, especially in Charlotte, are never that simple.

Seriously, a divorce can cost as much as a car. It can be a very high-end expensive car (when the case is extensively litigated and the assets are large) or it can be an inexpensive used car (when the parties are able agree and the issues aren’t complicated.

Divorces cost as little as a few hundred dollars and as much as a few hundred thousand dollars.

The price really depends on the complexity of the assets and the level of conflict.

There are some factors that make a case more expensive and that expense can’t be avoided. For instance, if the parties own a business it’s going to require some attorney time and energy to deal with the division regardless of how amicable the parties are toward one another. There’s some legal work that’s required.

If, on the other hand, the assets are fairly straight forward and the parties are in agreement on the division then that part of the process can be handled inexpensively. If the parties are also in agreement about arrangements for their children then it’s smooth sailing and there won’t be big checks written to lawyers.

A divorce in Charlotte typically costs between $500 (at the extreme low end) and $500,000 (at the extreme high end). Do what  you can to minimize conflict and your money will stay with you rather than going to your Charlotte divorce lawyer.