Parking at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse

A Courthouse located in the heart of a bigger city always poses parking problems.  The Mecklenburg County Courthouse is located among several one way streets which can be difficult to navigate if you are unfamiliar with the area.  Ask your Charlotte divorce lawyer if you have any questions.

The Mecklenburg County Courthouse recommends the 4th Street Parking Deck or metered parking on 3rd Street.  The 4th Street Parking Deck can be quite busy and the 3rd Street meters only allow you to park for a maximum of 2 hours—and there are rarely any available spots.

Lots of Courthouse visitors, however, prefer the parking garage located at 232 South Davidson.  Though this is located about 2 blocks away from the Courthouse, there are usually plenty of spots if you don’t mind a quick walk.

  • Assuming you take I-277, getting off at the 4th Street Exit, you will actually drive past the Courthouse for about 2 blocks and turn left on South Davidson
  • Less than ½ block on the right, you will see the entrance to the parking garage
  • When you pull up to the gate, a ticket will pop out—you will need this when you leave the parking garage so don’t lose it!
  • After you find your spot, walk out of the garage and across the street using the crosswalk
  • You will turn left out of the parking garage and head back towards 4th Street
  • At 4th Street, you will turn right, and proceed down 4th Street for about 2 blocks until you reach the Mecklenburg County Courthouse, which will be located on the right hand side of the street
  • Fees:  $1.00 per half hour—maximum cost of $12.00 per day

Your Charlotte divorce lawyer may have additional parking information and, as always, they are always happy to answer any questions.