Should You Give Your Ex Money During Your Charlotte Divorce?

Divorce is tough on bank accounts, and your Charlotte divorce lawyer probably has a lot to tell you about your finances. Even if you think you don’t have many assets, you still need to be extremely careful with your money during divorce—especially if your ex asks you to share some of it.

Giving Your Ex Money: Philanthropy or Stupidity?
First things first: if your ex asks you for money during your divorce, call your Charlotte divorce lawyer before you part with any. Your attorney will be able to give you specific advice that directly relates to your situation.

If your Charlotte divorce lawyer tells you it’s up to you and that forking over some cash won’t impact your case, you’ll need to consider why your ex needs money before you open your wallet.
•    Is it for the kids’ school activities, clothes or other needs?
•    Is it to support a personal lifestyle that doesn’t involve kids?
•    Is it to help cover legitimate living expenses because of the loss of a job or other emergency?
•    Is it to support a new significant other or spouse?

Keep your Charlotte divorce lawyer in the loop if you start giving your ex money. Your attorney might suggest that you keep a running tally of how much you’ve given, or that you get signed receipts each time you give. If your attorney suggests those things, remember that he or she is simply looking out for your best interests and that the amount of money you give your ex can affect your case.

If You Give Your Ex a Cookie…
Be careful that you don’t turn into a lending institution with no hope of seeing returns. It’s one thing to lend a helping hand when your ex truly needs it; after all, you spent a significant portion of your life with him or her, and if it won’t hurt you financially, what’s the big deal?

Unfortunately, a helping hand can turn into a permanent support system. Sometimes giving your ex money leads them to believe you’ll be willing to continue to do so, and they’ll keep asking until you just can’t help any more.

Whatever you decide to do when your ex asks for money, make sure your Charlotte divorce lawyer knows what’s going on. Your attorney can best help you if he or she knows where your money is going and why.