What Can I Bring to Court?

Going to court for the first time can be an anxiety filled experience, even if you are accompanied by your Charlotte  divorce lawyer.  Here is a quick list of items that are absolutely prohibited in the Mecklenburg County Courthouse.

  • Knives
  • Weapons
  • Scissors
  • Other sharp items including knitting needles longer than 3 inches
  • Firearms *Please be advised that firearms are not permitted EVEN if you possess a conceal and carry permit*
  • Illegal drugs
  • Photography equipment
  • Video recording equipment
  • Audio recording equipment

When you first enter the Mecklenburg County Courthouse, you may be accompanied by your Charlotte divorce lawyer or you may arrive separately and meet your Charlotte divorce lawyer outside of the actual Courtroom.

FIRST, you will pass through a security checkpoint, much like at the airport, which is staffed with Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department employees and will be required to go through a metal detector.  ANY items you bring with you (e.g. purse, bag) will be placed in a bin on a conveyor belt which will also be scanned.  Your pockets must be empty prior to proceeding through the security checkpoint.

Sometimes, when you walk through the checkpoint, it will beep, indicating that you have metal located somewhere on your person.  Usually this is due to:

  • watch
  • jewelry
  • heels of your shoes
  • coins or other items in your pocket

The Sheriff’s employee at the security checkpoint may request that you remove your shoes and proceed through the checkpoint again.  If the sensor is still activated, the Sheriff’s employee may use a wand to scan you, over your clothes, to find the source of metal.

By now, most of our cellular phones have photography as well as audio/video recording capabilities.  While a cellular phone is permitted inside the Mecklenburg County Courthouse, it must be turned off when you enter the Courtroom.  In the event your case requires the use of photography or audio/video recording equipment, your Charlotte divorce lawyer will take care of the necessary documentation so that those items can be brought into the courtroom.

People frequently wonder whether or not they will be permitted to bring portable music devices to listen to music prior to being called into the Courtroom.  While this item will likely be permitted to come inside the Courthouse, you will not be able to use a portable music listening device inside the actual Courtroom.  Any items like that must remain off for the duration of the time you are in the Courtroom.

If you would like to take notes during the proceeding, make sure to bring some paper and a pen.  You will not be permitted to utilize your laptop or other portable tablet type of computer items inside the Courtroom.  If you have any questions about other items, it is always advised you consult with your Charlotte divorce lawyer.