When Your Ex Moves in with a New Flame During Divorce

When Your Ex Moves in with Someone NewWhether you were a victim of infidelity or you chose to let go of years of frustration, unhappiness and disappointment through divorce, you have every right to expect your spouse to avoid complicating the situation. Unfortunately, not all exes get the memo—and some do the unthinkable: they move in with a boyfriend or girlfriend before your Charlotte divorce lawyer can even submit a separation agreement.

My Ex Lives with Someone: What Do I Do?
If you find out your ex is living with someone, particularly if you’re sharing child custody, call your Charlotte divorce lawyer immediately. Only your attorney can give you legal advice and help you determine whether your ex has breached your separation agreement. Your lawyer will be able to stand up for your rights under North Carolina law.

Talking to Your Kids about Cohabitation
Divorce is notoriously hard on kids, and seeing mom or dad move in with a new flame can really throw a wrench in things. Psychologists suggest using age-appropriate dialogue to explain the situation to your children. It’s also important to avoid bad-mouthing your ex or saying that what he or she is doing is wrong (even though it certainly is!), because that can cause emotional trauma, exacerbate parental alienation and create other difficulties for your kids.

What Your Charlotte Divorce Lawyer Might Say
Your lawyer’s job is to watch out for your best interests and protect your rights. He or she might ask if you have evidence that your ex is cohabitating with someone and if you’d like to do anything about it. You may be able to bring an alienation of affection suit if your spouse moves in with the person he or she cheated on you with. However, only your Charlotte divorce lawyer can tell you whether that’s a good idea, because every case is unique.

Staying Positive through the Rough Spots
It’s tough, and it might seem almost impossible, but keeping a positive, “can-do” attitude will help you through this difficult time. Your Charlotte divorce lawyer might suggest that you talk to a therapist or counselor to help you handle what your ex has put you through. Many people (including kids) find that talking to an impartial third party helps lift a tremendous weight off their shoulders, so even if your lawyer doesn’t suggest it, consider asking for a referral to a local pro who’s experienced in dealing with situations like yours.