Government Resources in Charlotte

Charlotte is a fantastic city to call home if you have recently been through a divorce. If this is a new location for you, you will love to hear how much Charlotte has to offer. If you were already living in Charlotte, but are simply setting up a new post-divorce residence, you will also appreciate certain attributes of the city. As you are getting ready to establish a residence in Charlotte you will need access to information about government resources. This article will provide pertinent information about relevant government resources in Charlotte.


Tax Information

Mecklenburg County Tax Information

Robert L. “Bob” Walton Plaza

700 E. Stonewall St.

Charlotte, NC 28202

(704) 336 – 7600


It is only natural for a recent divorcee to have questions or concerns related to tax information. Perhaps your former spouse handled the finances and taxes, or maybe you are new to the greater Charlotte area and simply looking for tax information. Access to Mecklenburg County tax information can be incredibly helpful to many people who are starting over after a divorce.

The website provided above contains a wealth of information. Through this website you can access to information related to real estate tax, business tax, personal property tax, and motor vehicle tax. This site offers online billing and payment options, and you can easily search the tax value of both personal and commercial real property in Mecklenburg County. If you have tax related questions, the website (specifically the FAQs) is a great place to start. Should you have more complex questions feel free to call the phone number above or visit the main office on Stonewall Street.


Postal Service

Often when people move to a new residence it is easy to forget to update your address with the post office. While you will ultimately need to update your billing and shipping address individually with certain service providers, the first step you can take is to fill out a change of address request with the post office. This will result in mail addressed to you being forwarded from your old address to your new address. This service is rather short-term, but will give you ample time to update your address with your bank, credit card company, amazon, and the like. You can fill out the form at any local post office, or you can submit this request online.

Charlotte is a large city with many post office locations. To find the location in your neighborhood, use the location search at


Drivers License Information

Division of Motor Vehicles

There are several divorce related tasks which can be handled by your local DMV office. Some of those reasons are listed below:

  1. To obtain a NC Drivers license
  2. To change your address on your existing NC license
  3. To change your name on your NC license after a divorce
  4. To obtain a NC Identification card
  5. Obtain information about vehicle registration and renewal
  6. Obtain a new vehicle title


The DMV allows you to complete some of these services online, while other services require a trip to the DMV office. For instance, you may update your address, order a duplicate ID if yours was lost or stolen, or order a duplicate registration card without having to set foot in a DMV office. However, other services, such as changing your name on your license, cannot be completed online.

Should you find yourself needing to visit your local DMV office, use the office locator search engine provided on their website. The website also provides a number of relevant forms, you may be able to save time if you complete paperwork in advance. The following are the DMV locations in Charlotte:


  • East Charlotte Office

6635 Executive Circle

Suite 130

Charlotte, NC 28212

(704) 531 – 5563

  • North Charlotte Office

8446 North Tryon Street

Charlotte, NC 28262

(704) 547 – 5787

  • South Charlotte Office

201 – H West Arrowood Road

Charlotte, NC 28217

(704) 527 – 2562

  • West Charlotte Office

6016 Brookshire Boulevard

Charlotte, NC 28216

(704) 392 – 3266


Social Security Information

Charlotte Social Security Office

5800 Executive Ctr. Drive

Suite 300

Charlotte, NC 28212

1-800-772 – 1213


The social security office is another place you might need to visit after a divorce. If you have legally changed your name post-divorce, you will need to apply for a new social security card. Or, if you have lost an original social security card (for you or your children) in the move, you will need to get a replacement card. Both of these actions can be taken care of by visiting the social security office.

To obtain a new social security card reflective of a name change after a divorce, you must go to the local Social Security Office and provide them with documentation that proves you are a US citizen (i.e., birth certificate or passport), and documentation of your legal name change (i.e., the divorce decree).  You will also need to fill out and print an application for a correction to your social security card.

If you need a duplicate card because the original has been lost or stolen, bring documentation of U.S. citizenship (i.e., passport or birth certificate), and proof of Identity (i.e., drivers license, military ID card, or passport), and the printed application form.



Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities (water/sewer)

(704) 336 – 7600


Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities provides water and sewer services to Mecklenburg county residents. The website allows you to pay a bill or set up a recurring payment, and it also provides other pertinent information. Here you can find tips on how to save water, where the water treatment facilities are located and information about the history of the utilities department.


Solid Waste Services

1105 Otts Street

Charlotte, NC 28205


Curb side pickup is provided for residents by the city. To find out what your collection day, visit their website, click on the “GeoPortal” system, and enter your address. For questions regarding what type of waste is acceptable to leave for curbside pickup, consult the list of accepted and not accepted items. Motor oil, hot ashes, and pool chemicals are unacceptable to name a few. Yard waste and recycling pickups are handled differently than garbage pickup, so consult the website for those details.


Emergency Services

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

601 E. Trade Street

Charlotte, NC 28202

(704) 336 – 7600


As always, if experiencing an emergency or ongoing incident please dial 911 and a dispatcher will direct your call to the appropriate authority. For non-emergencies or other crimes, however, the following information may prove useful.

To report a crime or tip you may visit the Police Department’s website and submit your request online, or you may call the number above. This service should only be used if emergency response is not required. Appropriate crimes to report would be communicating threats, lost or stolen property, thefts from vehicles, and hit and run accidents.

If you have recently gone through a divorce, you may unfortunately be receiving threats from your spouse or dealing with other issues of domestic violence. If this is the case, we suggest you contact visit the Domestic Violence Unit page – here you will find relevant information and a list of phone numbers that you may find helpful (such as the Battered Women’s Shelter, Rape Crisis, Victim Assistance, and the Department of Social Services).


Charlotte Fire Department

228 E. 9th Street

Charlotte, NC 28202

(704) 336 – 4170


The Charlotte Fire Department responds to emergency calls 24 hours a day, operating from 41 fire stations; since 2010 the fire department has responded to over 93,000 calls. Fire fighters are also trained first responders and can address some health emergencies.  If you witness a fire taking place, dial 911 immediately.