Charlotte Divorce Resources

Raleigh divorce lawyer Lee Rosen covers what you need to know about getting a divorce in the triangle, with special tips about how Charlotte differs from other areas in North Carolina.


Charlotte Divorce Resources

Transportation In Charlotte

Information on getting into and out of of Charlotte for court and custody appointments

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Medical Resources in Charlotte

Information on local doctors, hospitals, and urgent care facilities

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Moving to Charlotte

Neighborhoods, rentals, and moving services if you’re moving to or from town

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Charlotte Government

Local courts, police, utilities and emergency service information for Charlotte

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Charlotte Schools

Public and private elementary, high school, and college options

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Charlotte Divorce Articles

  • Keeping Your Self-Esteem Intact During Divorce

    Divorce is hard on self-esteem. You’re constantly assaulted by stressors that chip away at the way you feel about yourself. Maybe you’re arguing with your ex, having a hard time helping your kids make the transitions outlined in your custody agreement, or worrying about court dates with your Charlotte divorce lawyer. Your financial situation and your lifestyle are changing, and it’s often very difficult to…

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  • Convincing Your Spouse to Agree to a Collaborative Divorce

    Some people see divorce as a sort of combat where there’s a winner and a loser – and many people will do anything to “win.” But the truth is that it’s not combat. Divorce is two people just trying to make the best of their situations, and there’s even a little good news: you can both end up reasonably satisfied with the outcome. Even if…

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  • Dressing for Divorce Court

    Whether you’re going through a do-it-yourself divorce or you’re working with a Charlotte divorce lawyer, you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to wear to court. While your wardrobe choices may not work for or against you, it’s best to use good judgment and at the very least, keep your clothing neutral. It’s difficult to create the impression that you’re having a hard time making ends…

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  • Can I Modify My Child Custody Agreement?

    When your kids aren’t happy living with your ex, or when you feel like they’re not getting the care they deserve, you might be able to work through your Charlotte divorce lawyer to modify your child custody agreement. There are a handful of reasons your child custody agreement can be modified, but remember, only your attorney can give you legal advice that’s tailored to your…

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Charlotte Divorce Lawyer Transcript

Welcome to our Charlotte Divorce Information Center. I’m Lee Rosen. We have assembled here on this page, resources for dealing with a divorce in Charlotte, North Carolina. You’re going to find articles and answers to questions. More significantly, you’re going to find critical contact information for the agencies and resources that’ll be of value to you as you deal with a divorce in Charlotte. Divorce is difficult, it’s complicated, but I think you’re going to find that the resources you need are right here on this website.

Once you’ve had a chance to go through the Charlotte material, spend some time on the rest of the site. You’ll find information about child custody and support, alimony, property division, divorce, domestic violence, alienation of affection. As you go through each of our centers, you’ll find tools, calculators, and extensive articles, videos, and other information that you need for dealing with a divorce in Charlotte. You’ll find that this website has everything you need for dealing with a divorce.

Of course, we help clients in Charlotte from our Charlotte office. If we can be of any assistance to you at the Rosen Law Firm, please give us a call.