Renting a Storage Unit During a Raleigh Divorce

Divorce is stressful – and it’s even more stressful if you’ve got to move during or after the proceedings. It can be difficult to consolidate a house full of furniture, family heirlooms and other belongings into a smaller home, and you may need to rent a storage unit during your divorce just to contain the things you own.

If you have discussed your move with your Raleigh divorce lawyer and have determined that you’ll need to move to a smaller home, begin looking for a storage unit right away.

How to Find a Storage Unit During a Raleigh Divorce

Ask your Raleigh divorce lawyer if he or she is familiar with local storage facilities. Your Raleigh divorce lawyer has worked with clients in situations similar to yours, and may have referred some to area storage centers. If you would rather search on your own than ask your Raleigh divorce lawyer, that’s fine too; do what you’re most comfortable doing.

There are several storage facilities in Raleigh that may be able to accommodate your needs.

What to Ask the Clerk at a Storage Facility

Even if your Raleigh divorce lawyer has recommended a storage facility, you’ll still need to ask a few questions to make sure the facility is a good fit for your needs.

• Describe what you’ll be storing and ask the clerk to help you determine what size storage unit you will need.

• Ask if ground-level units are available; if there are no ground-level units available, make sure there’s an elevator to make moving your possessions easier.

• Check pricing on comparable storage units. Storage costs can add up quickly.

• Determine whether there are security features that will keep your unit – and your belongings – safe.

Before You Store

Check with your Raleigh divorce lawyer to make sure you have the right to move items from your home. Your Raleigh divorce lawyer will be able to advise you on particular items that may belong to both you and your spouse.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

As you pack your belongings (be sure to check with your Raleigh divorce lawyer first, especially on high-dollar items), group similar items together. It may be tempting to rush through the house, tossing everything together, but that’s going to be tough to sort through later.

Pack your boxes to capacity, but spread the weight around. You will likely be moving these boxes at least twice (in and out of the storage facility), and you need to be able to handle them yourself.

Label your boxes as accurately as you can. If possible, write the contents of each box on its lid in case you need to find something quickly.

The Importance of Discussing Storage with Your Raleigh Divorce Lawyer

Make sure you have discussed your right to store items with your Raleigh divorce lawyer. Additionally:

• Ask your Raleigh divorce lawyer what will happen if your spouse requests access to your storage unit.

• Notify your Raleigh divorce lawyer if your spouse attempts to prevent you from renting a storage unit.

• Make sure your Raleigh divorce lawyer knows that you have rented a storage unit, and knows who has access to it.

While it seems inconsequential, your Raleigh divorce lawyer can help you avoid hot water if your spouse tries to put up a fight about your storage unit.