When Your Ex Won’t Give Your Stuff Back

Moving out of your marital home before you’re ready might mean leaving some of your belongings behind. In a perfect world, your soon-to-be ex would neatly package your things, bring them by your new place and tell you to have a pleasant day. Of course, it rarely happens that way. Sometimes it’s downright tough to get your ex to give back your belongings—but short of breaking and entering, what can you do?

The Best Laid Schemes…
Your Raleigh divorce lawyer might advise you to carefully plan your move in advance. He or she may suggest that you find a new place to live, pack and move all your belongings on the same day, and start your new life when you’re fully prepared.

However, if you have to move out quickly because of domestic violence or other urgent issues, you might not have that luxury. In that case, you’ll need to work closely with your Raleigh divorce lawyer to dissolve your marriage and coordinate a plan for your ex to return your belongings.

Try asking your ex nicely if he or she will return your things after you split. In the meantime, pack all your ex’s stuff that you have so you can return it at the same time. Tell your ex that you’re returning family heirlooms, like jewelry or antiques, which he or she may have given you during the course of your relationship.

Avoid fighting—after all, you’re splitting up so you can live separate lives. If your ex doesn’t want to give back your belongings, don’t argue. Just call your Raleigh divorce lawyer and ask if he or she can take any legal action toward your ex.

Involving Your Raleigh Divorce Lawyer
If your ex has threatened you or harmed you, consult your Raleigh divorce lawyer before you try to get your belongings from your ex. Your attorney will be able to help you come up with a plan that keeps you safe. Your  lawyer may advise you to exchange belongings with your ex in a public place or with police assistance, depending on the intricacies of your case.