Shaunis Mercer

Rosen_Shaunis_Mercer 021Shaunis started her law career with a small firm and then started her own firm, focusing on family, juvenile, and criminal law. She was the Town Attorney for Angier, the Juvenile Contractor for Harnett County, and the first attorney in the county to be certified as a Parent Coordinator.

While it sounds like an impressive resume, it only scratches the surface. Shaunis is also great at bringing people together, calling herself a one-woman planning committee. Outside of the firm, she hosts holidays for her family and plans family vacations, group lunches, bridal showers, and potlucks on a moment’s notice. She even helped organize a cow share for a group of friends, who purchased a whole cow and split the meat into 13 equal parts.

These organizational skills serve her well in her career in family law, as does the fact that she genuinely cares about helping her clients achieve the best results. Many of Shaunis’ cases begin with a lot of media attention, but if you don’t remember any of them, it’s because she’s very good at getting them out of the spotlight – another great talent to have in a lawyer.

Shaunis isn’t one to balk at a difficult case either. Her first alimony contempt case involved an RV stuffed with receipt-filled trash bags that she had to wade through with opposing counsel. Sounds like a fun evening, doesn’t it?

Shaunis is North Carolina’s only certified Juvenile Training Immersion Program trainer, and served as the Assistant Juvenile Defender, traveling across the state to evaluate attorneys who represent juveniles in court. She taught them how to communicate better with their clients and how to come up with creative solutions for keeping their cases out of court.

After having received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from North Carolina State University, Shaunis graduated from the UNC School of Law. In her sophomore year, she won a grant to research the DNA of maize with a Bioinformatics professor. (How many people do you know who can say that?)

Shaunis was a Park Scholar – a four-year scholarship awarded on the basis of outstanding accomplishments and potential in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. While in law school, she was also part of the Youth Justice Clinic, representing juveniles in court.

Today, in her spare time, Shaunis finds time to give back to the community as part of an inclusive parenting group that provides peer support on a range of issues.


Shaunis Mercer
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