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We’ve been different from the beginning more than two decades ago. It’s just part of our DNA. It’s why we like to say, “Divorce is different here.”

Oftentimes our differences have made our competitors unhappy, but that’s okay, because our clients have been very pleased.

Telling secrets

Right from the start, back in 1990, we told the secrets that lawyers kept hidden. We demystified the divorce process, sharing the information that lawyers traditionally used to make things complicated. Back then we did it at free seminars. Some lawyers hated us, others thought we were crazy.

Our clients didn’t think we were crazy. They weren’t in the dark, trying to decipher mysterious language and complicated procedures. The secrets we shared gave them knowledge and confidence about the options and costs of the divorce process.

Then along came the internet. In 1995 we built our first website and started giving away the secrets to anyone who would listen. That drove the other lawyers berserk.

Oddly, that just motivated us more. And, our practice grew. The more information we gave away, the more clients called us and let us help. That’s how we became one of the largest practices in the Southeast.

We knew the secret to our success was to continue sharing these secrets with our clients. We got busy.

Busy being different

Being busy motivated us to keep giving away information and educating the public. Education became the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Being busy gave us the insight to understand the anxiety caused by hourly billing. That’s why, more than a decade ago, we implemented fee certainty with fixed fees. We got rid of mysterious and unanticipated attorney fees. You’ll always know exactly what every decision and move costs.

Being busy also allowed us to implement the most advanced technology in the profession. We use it to streamline our internal processes and make our client’s data accessible and understandable. You’ll have 24/7 access to your information and can immediately track the progression of your case without anyone getting in your way.

Being busy helped us attract and hire some of the best people in the world. Our technological advantages allow our team to work remotely. That opened the door to hiring the best no matter where they choose to live and work. Of course, these experts are available to you in our offices as well as via video and voice conferencing.

So, as it turns out, giving away secrets isn’t crazy after all. People going through divorce tell us to keep doing what we’re doing, the way we’re doing it. Our clients love it when we take the information, the technology and the most amazing team you’ll ever meet and use it all to advance their cause. You will too.

Divorce is different here.

Note: We offer Rosen Online to clients anywhere in North Carolina. We personally represent clients in Wake, Durham, Chatham, Orange, Johnston, Cabarrus, Gaston, Union, and Mecklenburg counties. If you need an attorney outside of these counties please visit our Lawyer Locator. If your case involves child support exclusively, contact your local child support enforcement agency.