Quiz: Do I Need An Attorney For My Divorce?


Do I need an attorney to get divorced?

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How long have you and your spouse been married?

2 / 16

Are you and your spouse on good terms with each other?

3 / 16

Are you both in agreement about seeking a divorce or separation?

4 / 16

What is your personal current annual income?

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What is your spouse's personal current annual income?

6 / 16

Is there a disparity in income between you and your spouse?

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How many children do you have?

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Would you or your spouse be seeking alimony or child support?

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Do you own any property together?

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Do you or your spouse own their own business?

11 / 16

Do you or your spouse have any retirement plans (401K, IRA, etc.)?

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Are you or your spouse looking to move out of state?

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Has there been infidelity in your marriage?

14 / 16

Have either of you engaged in spying on each other or accessing each other's private information without permission?

15 / 16

Is there violence or abuse (physical, emotional, financial, etc.) in your marriage?

16 / 16

Have either you or your spouse experienced issues with addiction (alcohol, gambling, illicit substances, etc.) during the marriage?

Divorce, while a very common legal issue, is a situation which requires experience with the law. So many issues that seem small can pile up, especially as couples spend more and more years together, collecting multiple assets over time and growing resentments with each other as things begin to dissolve. However, not everyone uses an attorney for their divorce. Some couples are able to work through their issues amicably without the aid of an attorney, but the successfulness of this can depend on a variety of factors. Do you need an attorney for your divorce or is it something you will be able to resolve on your own with your spouse? Take this quiz to find out.

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