Rosen Law Firm Client Stories

After financial issues led to a separation, Mark was ready to get back on track, but found himself hiring attorney after attorney to deal with his divorce and watching his legal bill grow. The, he found Rosen Online.


Kristal was heartbroken to learn that her husband (and former high school sweet heart) had done something terrible to her. They tried mediation, but it didn’t work for them. Fortunately, they didn’t go to litigation either.

Aurea was left wondering where to turn when her husband told her he wanted a divorce. Her primary concern was for her daughter’s wellbeing and she didn’t know where to start looking for information on how to make it through the process.

Debra was happily married for 20 years before the sudden “mid-life crisis” of her then, husband. During the course of her divorce she remained reasonable and Rosen Law Firm took her through the non-litigative, Collaborative Divorce process.

Beverly found herself in a relationship with someone who had repeated infidelity issues and despite counseling and the advice of friends, decided that she was ready to move on.

Bill was taken by surprise at the end of his second marriage. Having used Rosen in the past, he decided to try our Rosen Online service to get the advice and assistance he needed entirely online.

“I Wanted Everything to be Done Properly.”

– Mary Smith

“My Rosen attorney protected my interests throughout the process and gave me strong emotional support to move forward with my life.”

– Mary Joslin

“Reaching a settlement is not simply about two signatures on a piece of paper.”

– Paulette Martin

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