Our Team

The people who make Rosen Law Firm work


Lisa Angel

If she wanted to, Lisa could brag about her many awards and accolades, but she usually exhibits modesty, even…View profile »

Anna Ayscue

Anna loves to travel. She and her husband frequently visit North Carolina beaches, South Florida, the Caribbean, and Las Vegas…View profile »

Erin Clarey Kinney

Erin Clarey Kinney is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a fabulous lawyer, but she is a scuba diving…View profile »

Misty Hardison

Besides working at Rosen, Misty’s main claim to fame is as a children’s book author. Her book, designed to help…View profile »

Charlie MacCall

Charlie says he would be a terrible lawyer, so luckily, we brought him on board to do what he does best – marketing…View profile »

Lisa Robinson

Lisa is hardly Imelda Marcos, but she does have quite a handbag collection. Some of her earliest memories involve taking a handbag…View profile »

Lee Rosen

Lee Rosen may be a distant cousin of William Shatner, alias Captain Kirk, but his pilot’s license only applies to airplanes that travel in…View profile »

Ryan Short

Ryan values his relationship with clients, and above all is a zealous – but level-headed – advocate. As a child of…View profile »
Aaron Steventon

Aaron Steventon

Aaron may not be a North Carolina native, but he has such a decorated history in family law that his addition to the NC state bar in…View profile »

Lindsay Willis

Lindsay loves New York City, Mexican food, and UNC athletics – not necessarily in that order. Her best friends are her cousins who live…View profile »
Chesley Thumbnail

Chesley Goodman

Chesley has a list of accolades that are too numerous to name, but we’ll try our best. She graduated from…View profile »

Jem Murdock

A quick look over Jem’s resume makes it clear why she’s a perfect candidate for the job she does. She graduated with…View profile »
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