Lee Rosen

Lee Rosen

A bunch of guys chained together in orange jail jumpsuits… and me in the middle

That’s how I was sworn in as a lawyer, on a frantic Friday afternoon 30 years ago.

Earlier that day, a man had shown up at the law firm where I worked and pleaded for someone to help him gain custody of his baby. I wasn’t officially a lawyer at that point: I’d only just received my passing letter from the State Bar, and I still needed to be sworn in.

So I talked a judge into holding a less-than-glamorous bar-admission ceremony right away (in front of those jumpsuited men awaiting their hearings), so that I could represent my new client immediately.

Aided by one of the partners at my firm, we won the case! Winning felt incredible, of course, but it went beyond punching the air and feeling pleased with myself. It gave me a sense of commitment and determination – something I’d noticed my dad had with his own career as a lawyer.

My dad was a small firm lawyer who did big things

He stood up for the dispossessed, represented the homeless, fought for religious freedom and defended people on death row. His work was often pro bono, and he’d stop at nothing to secure justice for “the little guys” – those who’d had a bad start in life and just couldn’t catch a break.

He was my inspiration and the source of a lot of my drive: I wanted to make him proud and somehow live up to what he accomplished. I wasn’t going to follow exactly in his footsteps, though: that first court case made me realize that I wanted to work in family law rather than civil rights law. I wanted to fight on behalf of family members who felt powerless, maligned, frightened and out of control.

I know how it feels to be in the dark – and petrified

A love of the law isn’t the only thing I inherited from my dad. When he was just 38, he had a heart attack – resulting in cardiac bypass surgery. His father had heart trouble too, and died of a stroke when I was just one year old. Then, when I turned 37, I had my own heart attack… while in the courtroom. I ended up having a quintuple bypass, but I also experienced for the first time the true terror of feeling uninformed and vulnerable.

Back then, it was hard to find out what I needed to know about heart disease. I felt exposed, out of the loop, scared.

That got me thinking: so many people end up doing badly out of divorce settlements or custody battles because they don’t have the information or knowledge to help themselves. They say: “The lawyers went into a room and came out, telling me I’d better take the deal – but I don’t know why, or if I should.” They feel vulnerable and alone, just like I felt when I went through heart surgery.

Nobody should have to feel like that.

So I doubled down on a project I’d started a few years earlier: this website. You see, it doesn’t just advertise our services and tell you how great we are; it’s also a huge repository of information to help educate people about family law. It contains webinars, legal forms, statutes, Q&As with lawyers, audio and video courses, articles, and lots more. It helps me feel like I’m reaching out further than just my immediate world – and that I’m doing my late father proud.

This is my new mission

It turns out that providing information, free advice, and technology to facilitate communication really works. Who knew? Not only is it genuinely helpful and useful, but it also allows people to trust us and see how invested we are in their happiness and wellbeing. Many of these people go on to become our clients and biggest advocates.

So now, at this phase of my life, I’m concentrating on helping other lawyers do the same. I’m coaching the lawyers in this firm, but also showing other firms how to provide value, expertise and advice before they request so much as a dime from their potential clients.

I’m pretty excited about it all, and I’m grateful that I can continue “fighting the good fight” in my own unique way.

Lee S. Rosen
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School Major Degree
University of North Carolina at Asheville Political Science BA- Bachelor of Arts
Wake Forest University School of Law Law JD- Juris Doctor


Award Title Granting Organization Year
ABA Annual Blawg 100 – Business of Law American Bar Association Journal 2013, 2012
Legal Elite – Family Law Business North Carolina Magazine 2013, 2011
Keane Award for Excellence in eLawyering American Bar Association 2010


Position Association Name Duration
Editorial Board – Family Advocate American Bar Association 1995 – 2012
Chairperson – Law Practice Management Section North Carolina Bar Association 2006 – 2008
Steering Committee – Family Violence Project National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges 1990 -1995
Council Member North Carolina Bar Association Family Law Section 1990 – 1993
Chairperson, Domestic Violence Committee American Bar Association 1988 – 1990
Editor, Family Forum North Carolina Bar Association Family Law Section 1992 – 1993
Law Practice Management Editor – Family Advocate American Bar Association 2000 – 2012


Speaking Engagements
Presentation Name Conference Date
Put Into Practice: Risk Management Tips NC Lawyers Mutual Continuing Education 2012
Ethics Panel – Recent Developments NC Lawyers Mutual Continuing Education 2011
Social Media Panel NABRICO Conference 2011
15 Ways to Raise Your Practice to a New Level ABA Family Law Spring Meeting 2010
Family Law Practice Management Spring CLE Conference 2010
60 Technology Tips in 60 Minutes NC Paralegal Association 2010
Law Practice Management Annual Meeting NC Bar Association Law Practice Management 2009
Aerican Bar Association
National Business Institute
National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Wake Forest University School of Law
Campbell University School of Law
North Carolina Bar Foundation


Title Publication Year
Divorcing Smartly: The End Of A Marriage Isn’t The End Of The World Morgan and Dawson 2014
365 Divorce Meditations: Daily Lessons For The First Year Of Your New Life Morgan and Dawson 2010
Technology Audit North Carolina Lawyers Weekly 2008
North Carolina Family and Related Laws Annotated (Annual Publication) Lexis Nexis 2004 – 2013


Role Publication Year
Publisher & Host Stay Happily Married 2008 – present
Publisher & Author Divorce Discourse 2008 – present
Publisher & Host North Carolina Divorce Talk Radio 2005 – 2012
Contributor Lawyer’s Weekly
Contributor TechnoLawyer