Charlie MacCall

img_1912Charlie says he would be a terrible lawyer, so luckily, we brought him on board to do what he does best – running the show behind the scenes. He’s responsible for operations, marketing, and all of the non-law parts of running a law firm.

Despite his job title, he’s an artist at heart. He plays the cello, bass, and piano and even writes music. He also paints and draws but most of the time he sticks to digital art because, that way, he doesn’t have to worry about cleaning up a mess afterwards (or spending $30 for one tube of paint).

Charlie has an extensive, albeit seemingly random, career history. He was once a personal assistant to an independent recording artist and studio exec in New York City, running her social media and helping with managing her bookings. He’s grown a lot since then, but one of his proudest accomplishments still comes from his early days: performing a full marketing analysis for and helping them rebrand their company after their switch from their former name,

Charlie has a lot of experience in media as well. In the past, he was the Program Director for the radio station 91.3FM WUNH in Durham, where he was responsible for managing nearly 80 DJs and helping them produce prerecorded advertisements for community organizations and services.

He also helped produce a series for Profit Motive Pictures called “Lunch With” in which they ate lunch with billionaires and discussed their opinions on economics and the current state of the United States.  No, Donald Trump was never a guest, but Steve Forbes was.

In his spare time, Charlie loves to travel, especially to Europe, where he has family in The Netherlands and Belgium. To give back to the community, he loves volunteering his time with underprivileged youth. They watch movies together, play games, talk about their struggles at home, and (occasionally) do homework.

Academically speaking, Charlie attended the Paul College of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire, where he earned his degree in Marketing. Considering how cold it is in NH, it was easy for him to stay indoors studying, so he graduated with honors.

Around the office, people say that Charlie is kind, understanding, fair, and talented with innovative ideas and a keen eye for detail. Yet, he always keeps the big picture in mind. Sometimes, he’s finished the job before we even realized he needed to start it. (We haven’t figured out how he does that. Magic? We don’t know.)

Charlie MacCall
Chief Operations Officer
Rosen Law Firm
P: (919) 256-1552

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