Jem Murdock

A quick look over Jem’s resume makes it clear why she’s a perfect candidate for the job she does. She graduated with high marks from UNC Wilmington in Political Science, acted as class president for her junior and senior year, and served as a congressional intern in DC for a member of the house of representatives. She’s even landed planes before during her undergrad years. Now she’s bringing her talents to Rosen.

Jem spends a lot of her free time giving back. She’s a tutor with the Boys & Girls Club and previously served on the Student Academic Honor Board to prevent cheating at her university (yes, that includes snuffing out assignments generated in ChatGPT). Her efforts were recognized in a Distinguished Service Award given to her by the Department of Public and International Affairs.

Even with all of the professionalism she juggles, Jem still somehow finds time to have hobbies. She loves sports and has season tickets to PNC arena so you may very well see her at the next Pack or Canes game. She also partakes in her own athletics and is training for a 5k as you read this. Don’t worry, she takes time to herself at home as well – she is a massive Game of Thrones fan and always reserves time for rewatches.

We’re excited for you to meet Jem when you walk into our office. She is always here to help answer your questions, guide you through your concerns, and to chat about sports and GoT while you wait for your appointment with your attorney.

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