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Alimony Calculator

North Carolina does not have a formula or guidelines for determining the amount of alimony. The calculator provides calculations based on guidelines provided by other jurisdictions. This calculation is for informational purposes only and is merely an illustration.

Net income, determined by this calculator, is 70% of gross income. Your tax situation may be different and will impact these estimates.

Please enter number values only.

Payee's Gross Annual Income ($)
Payee's Net Annual Income ($)
Payor's Gross Annual Income ($)
Payor's Net Annual Income ($)
Total Combined Income ($)
Number of Dependent Children
Monthly Child Support Obligation ($)
Prior Support Obligation
Payee's Monthly Support for Other Children ($)
Payee's Monthly Support for Former Spouses ($)
Payor's Monthly Support for Other Children ($)
Payor's Monthly Support for Former Spouses ($)
Length of Marriage
Number of Years Married