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Alimony in North Carolina

Who Pays? How much? Those are the two biggest questions about alimony. Unlike some states, there are no hard and fast rules about alimony in NC, but there are guidelines to follow based on precedent and what a judge would likely do.



Alimony - The Basics

A quick overview of how alimony is determined and awarded in NC

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Alimony - The Details

A detailed examination of the factors that determine alimony

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Does My Spouse Have to Pay for the Fees for Alimony Proceedings?

Learn how dependent spouses may be entitled to payment for attorney fees

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I Need More Alimony from My Spouse

Find out more about changing alimony determinations and amounts

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Alimony Calculator

We’ve built a calculator using guidelines and formulas from states and jurisdictions around the country. North Carolina doesn’t have a formula for alimony, but this calculator will help you get an idea of what you or your spouse may end up paying based on income and the length of the marriage.



Who has a claim to receive post-separation support and alimony?

Both post-separation support and alimony are now available in…

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How is Alimony Determined?

The factors that are considered by the court are as follows…

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How Much Alimony Will I Get?

“Alimony” means payments for the support and maintenance of a spouse…

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What is marital fault and how does it apply to an alimony claim?

Although an alimony claimant is no longer required to prove the other…

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Alimony Overview Video

Raleigh divorce lawyer Lisa Angel goes over the basics of alimony in North Carolina, including who receives it, how much it will be and the factors that can impact eligibility.


Mecklenburg County Financial Affidavit


Court Complaint for Custody, Support, Alimony and Property Division


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