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Everything You Should Know about North Carolina Child Support

Raleigh divorce lawyer Lisa Angel goes over the basics of child support in North Carolina, including how much child support would a court order, how long does child support last and how is child support enforced.


Child Support: The Details

Generally parents come to agreement based upon the North Carolina child support guidelines…

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How Much Child Support Will I Have to Pay?

North Carolina General Statutes requires…

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Can I Change My Child Support Agreement

After the parents have entered into a separation agreement…

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Child Support Guidelines

In cases involving a parent’s obligation to support his or her child…

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Child Support Calculator

Use our handy calculators for either the web or mobile devices to determine child support obligations under North Carolina child support guidelines. Answer a few questions about custody and income, and get a printable PDF of your child support order.



How Long Does My Spouse Need to Pay Child Support?

Child support is available under North Carolina law during a child’s minority…

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If I have custody will I receive child support payments?

The court will order that child support be paid to the custodial parent…

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What can I do if my spouse refuses to pay child support?

The parent may also be required to pay child support to the abandoned minor…

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How Much Will I Have to Pay in Child Support?

There are four adjustments that can have an impact on…

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Child Support Obligation Primary Custody


Affirmation And Acknowledgement Of Paternity


Instructions To Complete Order And Notice To Withold Income For Child Support


Consent Agreement And Order To Modify Child Support Order


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