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Mediation and Collaborative Overview

Chapel Hill divorce lawyer Deborah Throm discusses the basics of ending a marriage through three decision resolution options: mediation, collaborative settlement, and arbitration.


Understanding Mediation

Mediation allows you and your spouse to reach a fair settlement with the help of a third…

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How to Avoid Court in a Divorce

In some cases, spouses can work together to reach a settlement…

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Is Collaborative Divorce right for you?

If you are a couple that says “we are only going to hire lawyers if we can’t…”

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Should I Arbitrate My Divorce Case?

Arbitration is an option that involves a third party called an arbitrator…

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Before You Go

Grab our free guide on the 7 steps you need to take before you leave the marital residence. There are several factors specific to the law in North Carolina that should figure into your decision on if and when you should leave the house.


Can one spouse quit during the collaborative law process?

Nothing in the Collaborative Law Participation Agreement stops a party…

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What is an attorney’s role in collaborative law?

The attorney assists in negotiating a settlement and help prevent going…

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How is arbitration initiated?

You and your spouse can agree to arbitration or it can be court ordered…

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Is the arbitrated decision binding?

Unless agreed otherwise by the participants, the decision is binding…

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Divorce Legal Webinar

Get a complete overview of divorce in North Carolina from an experienced Rosen Law Firm attorney. This one-hour webinar coves the basics, including child custody and support, alimony, property division, and more.


Custody Mediation Cover Sheet Ii


Designation Of Mediator In Family Financial Case


Mediation- Motion And Order For Show Cause Hearing


Order For Mediated Settlement Conference In Family Financial Case


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