Dividing Your Property And The House

Divorce lawyer, Lee Rosen, goes over the basics of property distribution in North Carolina, including the process judges use to determine the value of assets and distribution.



Equitable Distribution: What You Need to Know

The rights to ED are not automatic and must be specifically asserted by one or both of the parties…

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Property Division: What You Need to Know

Property division is unique in that almost every marriage will have some…

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Retirement Plan Division

Retirement accounts are also subject to division, sometimes even if the plan was started prior to the marriage…

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Business & Divorce: Is Your Spouse Entitled to a Piece of Your Business?

One of the more difficult assets to value is a business interest…

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Before You Go

Grab our free guide on the 7 steps you need to take before you leave the marital residence. There are several factors specific to the law in North Carolina that should figure into your decision on if and when you should leave the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Marital Property Defined?

All real and personal property acquired by either spouse during the course of the marriage and before the date of separation…

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How are qualified plans, such as pension plans, profit-sharing plans, and 401k plans divided? What is a QDRO?

In order to effectively divide a qualified plan – including pension plans, profit-sharing plans, and 401(k) plans…

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After a separation, is money received as the result of property distribution taxable in North Carolina or taxable by the federal government?

Generally speaking money received as part of the equitable distribution of property incident to a separation is not taxable…

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Can alimony and child support affect the distribution of property?

According to express statutory provisions, distribution of marital property must be without regard to…

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Equitable Distribution Affidavit


Notice of Financial Information Required


Court Complaint for Custody, Support, Alimony and Property Division


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