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Divorce Legal Webinar

April 24, 2014 @ 8:00 p.m

Do Your Own Divorce With Rosen Online

6 Times Weekly – view schedule

The Divorce Legal Webinar will teach you how to protect your assets, keep the house and even save your business. You will learn ways to protect your retirement and your future. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to protect your children’s future. An experienced divorce attorney from Rosen Law Firm will give you valuable legal insight and the ability to accurately predict the results of your situation. This webinar will teach you the skills you need to survive a divorce.

Do Your Own Divorce with Rosen Online will walk you step-by-step through the process of filing your own divorce in North Carolina. We’ll cover the basics of which forms to file, as well as covering more in-depth topics like how to draft your own separation agreement or appear in court on your own behalf. This webinar also shows how the advanced tools and tutorials available through Rosen Online make filing your own divorce much easier.

Webinar Information:

You must pre-register using the link listed above to attend a webinar.  Once registered you will be sent a unique access code to use during the program along with instructions on how to begin the webinar from your computer and/or phone at the scheduled time.

On average, our online divorce webinars are 60 minutes long. Time is reserved at the end of the webinar to answer viewer questions submitted online.

All of our free online divorce webinars are live events. Webinar recordings are not available and spaces are limited. Reserve your spot today!