5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Anyone to Handle Your Divorce

How to Be Sure You Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer

Ask these 5 questions before you hire anyone to handle your divorce/separation.


1. Do you concentrate on divorce law?
Family   Law issues are complex. You want an   attorney who
limits their practice to divorce law, someone who will recognize the issues
in  your case, know the recent changes in the law and be sensitive to the
difficult process you’re going through … not a dabbler who deals with a
traffic case in the morning, a will over lunch, a landlord-tenant dispute in
the afternoon and squeezes your case somewhere in the middle.

Exclusively practices divorce law, including related
issues such as custody, property distribution, alimony & child support.

2. What are your credentials in this
field of expertise?
You want a Board Certified Family Law
Specialist on your team and attorneys who are knowledgeable about state and
federal laws in custody, tax, child support, insurance, property rights, and
retirement plans.

Board Certified Family Law Specialists involved
in all cases. Family Law experts who regularly provide testimony and lecture
to North Carolina General Assembly, North Carolina judges, American Bar
Association & numerous law schools.

3. Are you trained in alternative forms
of dispute resolution?
More than 90% of divorces are resolved, by
agreement, without ever going to court.

A No Court Divorce can
save you significantly in time, money and heartache. Lawyers trained in
other forms of divorce resolution help you maintain control of the process,
retain your dignity and provide a chance to be heard.

All Rosen, attorneys are trained in mediation,
collaborative divorce, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

4. Can you tell me upfront how much this
is going to cost me and will you guarantee
that price?
Be sure you know in advance what your divorce will cost. If an attorney
cannot pin down fees for representing your interests, look for a lawyer with
the experience and knowledge to advise you properly. If you choose to work
with a firm that charges by the hour, get them to tell you how many hours it
will take and get it in writing.

You are quoted a guaranteed fixed fee on day
one. No extra charges for phone calls, faxes, photocopies or postage. No
hourly billing with unexpected additional fees.

5. What do I get for that price?
Make sure this includes all services necessary for resolving your case (see
client needs assessment) or get those costs confirmed in advance in order to
make an accurate cost comparison.

All services, including conferences, obtaining
information from you and your spouse concerning your assets, liabilities,
income and expenses, and

making recommendations concerning property division and support;
settlement negotiations with your spouse’s attorney; the preparation or
review of a separation agreement and property settlement; and — if
litigation is anticipated — all litigation documents, discovery, trial
preparation, settlement negotiations and trials.

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