Aaron Steventon

Aaron SteventonAaron may not be a North Carolina native, but he has such a decorated history in family law that his addition to the NC state bar in 2020 was more than welcome. Prior to relocating, he practiced and worked on large variety of cases in rural Kansas for 6 years after graduating from the University of Kansas School of Law in 2014, handling family law and court-appointed cases from abuse and neglect to criminal defense to protecting the rights of those involuntarily committed to mental health institutions.

With a focus on domestic violence and child custody cases, Aaron has been aiding his community throughout his whole career. From his volunteer work at Legal Aid both during and after graduating from law school all the way up to serving as a board member for Eagle Nest, a non-profit aiding victims of domestic violence in finding careers and developing the financial skills to remain independent, his interest in and dedication to family law is more than evident.

When he’s not helping families, Aaron is out being active. He loves basketball and is an avid Jayhawks fan alongside his wife and children, never missing a game. They even have a dog named Chalmie, who gets his name from the Jayhawks legend Mario Chalmers. Together they also love hiking and taking trips to the beach as a family. Currently, Aaron is training to become the first Steventon of his generation to run the Pikes Peak Ascent.

When asked why he chose to relocate to Raleigh, Aaron says it was because of the great schooling options available for their children. His wife and him wanted to prioritize their family, finding a new place to live that would make them even stronger. With everything the community in Raleigh has given to him, he probably didn’t realize that his presence here would do the same for so many other Raleigh families. For that, we are beyond grateful that he chose to bring his talents to Rosen and dedicate himself to serving families in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and beyond.

Why I Practice Family Law

For the first 5 years of my career, I practiced family law and criminal defense on a pretty equal split, often representing the same clients in both matters. An overwhelming majority of my criminal clients had criminal matters that could be traced back to an issue either currently going on in their personal lives or from within the home years prior that wasn’t handled properly. Their lives spiraled from there.

It was then I realized that I could do more good for my clients by helping them stabilize and organize their personal lives, whether that be navigating a separation, getting away from an abuser, or seeing their children more. When those issues are addressed, individuals can grow and flourish. It is hard to go to work, stay employed, care about others, and be a productive member of society when there is turmoil, chaos, and uncertainty in the home. I love what I do because I see it as the first step in helping others begin a new, much happier and much healthier life which then carries over to the next generation.

Aaron Steventon
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