Careers at Rosen Law Firm

If you’re looking for a traditional “law firm” atmosphere, Rosen Law Firm isn’t for you.

We aren’t your traditional law firm. We have a unique work environment and extraordinary employees. We have represented clients going through divorce since 1990, constantly staying on the leading edge of our industry by providing employees with the latest in technology, advanced training, excellent benefits and opportunities for growth and career advancement. Customer service is an obsession with us and our efforts have been rewarded with consistent growth in business decade after decade.

We are not your father’s law firm. When most people think of law firms, the images that spring to mind are of pinstripe suits, leather chairs, and dusty law books dating hundreds of years back. The culture of Rosen Law Firm could not be more different from that image. We are a law firm that serves mainly, but not exclusively, successful technology and business people, and our practice is adapted to serve that highly trained and sophisticated population.

We’re different in three primary ways: we offer fixed fees, advanced technology and a progressive work environment. Those differences not only affect the way we’re perceived by clients; they also have a big impact on your experience as part of the Rosen team.

Fixed Fees And Lower Case Loads Mean You Can Focus On The Client (not billable hours)

Our method for billing our clients makes us unique in our marketplace — we bill our clients entirely in fixed fees, which are laid out for our clients at their very first meeting. As a result, our clients are never surprised by their fees, which tremendously reduces their anxiety in dealing with a lawyer. We are so committed to this mode of doing business, that we have put an interactive fee calculator on our firm website, so potential clients can know what their fees are likely to be before they ever invest one minute or one dollar in working with Rosen.

What this means to you as an attorney is that your days are not spent in a never-ending effort to accumulate billable hours. We limit our attorneys’ case loads to 15-20 cases at a time (less than half of what most divorce lawyers are expected to handle) so they have the time to give each case their very best. We want our clients to feel that we have nothing to do but talk to them and work for them. If part of your reason for becoming a lawyer was your desire to help people, you’ll actually be able to do that at Rosen.

The Very Best In Office Technology And Support So Your Time And Talents Aren’t Wasted

It would be hard to find another law firm in the country our size that integrates technology into their practice as much as Rosen Law Firm. Our website is the most comprehensive source of divorce information available in North Carolina, if not the U.S. It has everything from case law, to a fees calculator, a child support calculator, even a discussion board forum. We spend a lot of time and energy trying to make it a useful resource for people contemplating a divorce, so that even if they don’t hire us, visiting our website helped them somehow.

We maintain a secure client extranet for use by our clients where they can view their own case files over the internet with up-to-the-minute currency. We are paperless. Instead of paper files bursting at the seams, each client file is a computer database. Our lawyers are able to access every client record in every case anywhere, at any time.

We have an integrated voice communications enabling our clients easy access to us. We make great use of web conferencing and use the latest practice management, case management and document management technology. Our team is  provided the tools necessary to do our jobs effectively and efficiently. With the most up-to-date technology at your disposal, you don’t waste time rifling through disorganized files, attending endless staff meetings or waiting on court documents to be faxed to your client so you can discuss important progress on their case. Instead you get to spend your time doing what you enjoy most – representing clients.

Our innovative paralegal and administrative support system means you get top quality work without the headaches of managing a paralegal or administrative assistant. We’ve set up a reliable team of paralegals and administrative assistants to take care of all the back-end work such as scheduling depositions, drafting letters and documents, handling forms and hearing notices. All you have to do is feed your tasks into the system and the work is taken care of by the appropriate person. No downtime for you when your administrative assistant is on vacation or dealing with the least experienced paralegal because you’re the newest attorney on staff…all attorneys get the same high quality support from a system/staff that is managed by our experienced Managing Attorney.

A Work Atmosphere That Brings Us the Best in the World

Unlike the stereotypical law office, we are not located across from the courthouse. We locate our offices near where our clients live to minimize transportation and parking hassles. We have, in each city we serve, a suite of conference rooms so our lawyers can meet with their clients in comfort and privacy. But apart from meetings, our lawyers work from home. We only come into the office when necessary for client or other meetings. By encouraging our team to work remotely we’re able to partner with the best people regardless of geographic location. Our video meeting technology makes working from any location efficient and effective.

At Rosen Law Firm we value our employees as individuals, encouraging them to live balanced lives and take care of themselves and their families. That philosophy is evident in our benefits package – paid maternity leave, generous insurance packages, employee managed leave time for vacation and/or illness – as well as an atmosphere that allows flextime to take care of family responsibilities. We are proud to be recognized as one of Carolina Parent Magazine’s Top 40 “Family Friendly” Places To Work In North Carolina.

Our firm encourages an “ownership mentality” in all employees from the CEO to the Client Relations Manager to the Systems Administrator. It isn’t enough to just do “your job” well; we want to work with people who bring their skills and hearts to the table, people who really want to be part of a firm that excels in its field and stretches the boundaries of that field.

If this sounds like the kind of environment where you’d thrive and you’re the kind of professional who excels at what you do, we should talk. Send your resume with career objectives to We’re always looking for excellent attorneys, paralegals and administrative team members.