Helping Kids Deal With a Divorce-Related Move

UnpackingDivorce-related moves can often be very difficult, particularly when children are involved. Before considering a move, speak with your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer to ensure that relocating will not have a negative effect on child custody and visitation rights. Once you receive the go-ahead to proceed with the move, it is important to consider how this will impact your children. At a time when things are already unstable, it’s important to provide as much security for your children as possible.

Start with a Plan
During this time, it’s likely that your children are longing for a sense of stability. Don’t further confuse them by talking about the move before you have a set plan.

Talk to your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer about the new financial realities you’ll face after your divorce. You’ll need to know about alimony and child support in order to make informed decisions about the future.

Stay Positive
Many children mirror their parents’ emotions. Try to remain positive in front of your children, and don’t speak negatively of your ex-spouse when the children may hear you. However, focusing on the positive doesn’t mean that you should ignore the emotions that you and children will likely experience.

Talk openly with your children about what they may be feeling. Understand that it will take time before they fully adjust, but staying positive can make the transition period less difficult.

Make the House a Home
Your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer can explain your child custody and visitation rights. If your children will be living in one home full-time while periodically visiting the other parent, ensure that both homes are comfortable and safe. Allow the children to decorate their own rooms, and ask them for suggestions in decorating the rest of the home.

Begin making new memories and traditions in the new home, and don’t be afraid to blend new traditions with old ones. Bridging the old with the new can help children to adjust more quickly, giving them a sense of familiarity in a new environment.

Ask Your Chapel Hill Divorce Lawyer for Additional Resources
It’s not uncommon for children to experience a mix of emotions during divorce. If you feel that your child is experiencing anxiety, depression, or is behaving aggressively or withdrawing socially, you may consider looking into a divorce support group for children. Your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer might be able to provide you with local resources you can use to help your kids adjust.