My Wife Cheated—Now What?

Wife confer privately on the phoneYou’ve shared your home, your finances and your emotions with your wife, and she’s been unfaithful in return. The sad reality is that many people go outside their marriages for affection, companionship and sex, even when those things are readily available within the marriage—so infidelity is often the ultimate betrayal. No matter how you found out that your wife cheated, you’re probably wondering where to turn next.

If you haven’t already contacted a Chapel Hill divorce lawyer, you’ll need to do so soon. Remember that talking to a lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up divorced; it just means that you’re exploring your options so you’re prepared for anything.

Contacting a Chapel Hill Divorce Lawyer
A Chapel Hill divorce lawyer can provide you with several options. He or she will tell you what to expect if you choose to divorce, including how North Carolina child custody agreements work and what you may be facing as far as alimony and spousal support. Once you’re armed with accurate information, you can make the right decisions for your family’s future.

Avoid Responding in Anger
Whether or not you choose to reconcile with your wife, you should avoid giving in to your temper. The pain and anguish she’s caused you are extreme, but don’t do anything rash. If you choose to stay in the marriage, your behavior now can become another obstacle to deal with later. On the other hand, if you decide to follow through with a Chapel Hill divorce lawyer’s help, what you do can affect the outcome of your case.

Is Divorce Your Only Option?
Many victims of unfaithful wives choose to work with an attorney and end their marriages. However, some people do work out their issues and continue their marital relationships. Talking to a Chapel Hill divorce lawyer will benefit you either way, because you’ll know what options are available in either case.

Your lawyer might recommend that you try to work through your issues before you file for divorce; in that case, ask him or her for a referral to a local counselor or therapist that you and your wife can see together (if she’s willing). If either of you is unwilling to continue your relationship, your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer can get to work on dissolving your marriage so you can pick up the pieces and move on with your life.