Post-Divorce Resources: Chapel Hill and Moving Logistics

If you have recently divorced and find yourself looking for a place to live in Chapel Hill, you will first need to decide what type of neighborhood you want to live in.


“Downtown” Chapel Hill tends to be dominated by those attending college at UNC Chapel Hill. Franklin Street and the surrounding area is mainly comprised of fraternity/sorority houses as well as apartments and rental homes that college kids tend to populate. If you are in fact attending the university or plan to, however, you may wish to stay downtown so you can walk to campus.

To see a list of available downtown rentals, feel free to browse the classified listings in the Daily Tar Heel, the campus newspaper. Alternatively, craigslist and Chapel Hill Rent can provide listings of rentals within walking distance to campus.

Bear in mind, however, that it is not necessary to live downtown if you plan to attend UNC. Most of the larger apartment complexes provide shuttle service to campus, or are conveniently located near a Chapel Hill Transit bus stop.


Meadowmont is a popular and fairly new area of town. Development of Meadowmont began in 1999, and it is located on Highway 54, across from the Friday Center. It is close to the UNC campus, as well as Interstate 40.

Because of its location and amenities Meadowmont could be a wonderful place for a recent divorcee to settle down. Meadowmont Village is a quaint shopping center where you can shop for groceries, clothing, or gifts, grab a bite to eat, or even find a local dentist.  The shopping center is located at the mouth of a large neighborhood that is comprised of condos, townhomes, row houses, cottage homes, and larger homes as well.

If you have children, Meadowmont could be a great location for you as the neighborhood is very family oriented. Additionally, there is a YMCA at Meadowmont which offers swim lessons and camps for children.

If you are interested in purchasing a home in Meadowmont, you can contact East West Partners. If you would prefer to rent, you might be able to find a rental home in the neighborhood, or you can find an apartment at The Apartments At Meadowmont. The apartments are within walking distance of Meadowmont Village and conveniently located on the Chapel Hill Transit V-Line.

Southern Village

Southern Village offers similar amenities as Meadowmont. There is a shopping center known as “Market Street” at the front of the neighborhood with a local bank, restaurants, shops and a movie theater. They host an annual 5K race, offer weekend movies on the lawn during the summer, and have a seasonal farmers market.

Just beyond the Market Street lies Southern Village neighborhood, which is comprised of condos, townhomes, and single-family homes. There is also an apartment community here for those not interested in buying in the neighborhood.

Other Areas

If nothing strikes your fancy downtown, in Meadowmont, or in Southern Village, here is a list of other apartment homes in various neighborhoods in Chapel Hill.

Chapel Watch Village Townhomes

100 Ginkgo Trail

Chapel Hill, NC 27516

(919) 904 – 4389


These townhomes in North Chapel Hill are spacious two and three bedroom units conveniently located near the intersection of Interstate 40 and Highway 86. There is a UNC park and ride lot directly across the street making access to campus very easy. Also, they offer furnished apartments which could be a major perk for a recently divorced individual looking to start fresh.

Farrington Lake

6123 Farrington Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

(919) 419 – 0220


Farrington Lake offers easy access to Intestate 40 and Highway 54 and has luxurious amenities. There is a pool with cabana areas and grills, a dog park, detached private garages and even a lake with fishing.


Glen Lennox Cottages

5 Hamilton Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

(919) 967 – 7081


These cottages are located about a mile from UNC’s campus, and directly across the street from Chapel Hill Country Club. There are several shopping centers within walking distance of this residential location, and the floor plans include one, two, and three-bedroom units.


Alta Springs Apartments

100 Spring Meadow Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

(877) 221 – 7763


This apartment community offers one, two, and three-bedroom floor plans, has a pool and a fitness center, and is within walking distance to the UNC bus line as well as Meadowmont Village.


Moving – The Logistics

Once you pick the perfect place, you will then need to make decisions – like when your move-in date will be, if you plan to hire movers and who and where to call to activate utilities.

The following phone numbers will help you set up the utilities at your new home:

Duke Energy (electric): (800) 777 – 9898

PSNC Energy (natural gas): (877) – 776 – 2427

Orange Water and Sewer: (919) 968 – 4421

BellSouth (telephone): (800) 288 – 2020

Verizon (telephone): (800) 256 – 4646

Time Warner (cable): (800) 489 – 2669

You may find yourself in in a position where you need to either buy or sell furniture. Craigslist is a great resource for both buying and selling furniture, however if you are uncomfortable with using Craigslist, simply don’t have time, or are looking for new furniture there are alternatives.

Furniture Follies is a great place to find new and used furniture in Chapel Hill. They offer all types of furniture, including mattresses, at reasonable prices. Additionally, if you are in the market for new furniture you will find plenty of stores at the local mall, the Streets at Southpoint. There you will find Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, and many other furniture stores.

Should you find yourself looking to donate unwanted items to Goodwill, there are many locations around Raleigh. For a complete list of locations, visit the Goodwill website. They will even come pick up large unwanted items if you arrange a pick-up time with them in advance.