Chesley Goodman

Chesley GoodmanChesley has a list of accolades that are too numerous to name, but we’ll try our best. She graduated from NCSU, where she made Dean’s List for five consecutive semesters even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. She also was part of a committee to select the new dean of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences and lead a huge research project into the various sociolinguistic changes and aspects in different Raleigh communities.

Chesley comes to us with a wealth of experience working with people. She was a Resident Advisor for NCSU Housing (Tri-Towers, if you were curious which area), directing her Freshman students to vital resources, helping them through crises, and collaborating with colleagues to plan and facilitate different events to enrich their on-campus experience. She continued to do so over the summer as a Summer Conference Ambassador for the school. Perhaps not surprisingly, this is very similar to what Chesley does for Rosen now.

She also has a huge depth of volunteer work under her belt. She previously volunteered for Unity Meals at the church her family attended, in which volunteers would get together once a week to prepare, cook, and serve a meal to whomever came in. She also participated in her school’s Junior Civitan chapter, where she got the opportunity to participate in various community service activities, which included aiding the local Humane Society in addition to a variety of community events around town, as well as aided in relief for victims of Hurricane Florence. She even assists her grandmother at a secondhand store run through their church, so she is very much still dedicated to serving those in need even outside of work.

When she isn’t selflessly giving her time to her community, Chesley loves music, playing piano, flute, and piccolo and enjoying the likes of classic rock bands like Rush, Stone Temple Pilots, and Led Zeppelin. She also loves dogs as evidenced by her work with the Humane Society, and also has a passion for exercise and reading. She’s been making the weight on our clients a little lighter since she walked through the door, and we know she’ll do the same for you.

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