Child Custody – Kidnapping and International Abduction

We have a lot of information on the online content of the course that will talk more about parental kidnapping, as well as international child abduction.

Basically, what you should know about both parental kidnapping and international child abduction, is that first it happens – and so you want to prepare yourself for that. There are certain preventative measures that you can take.

And then, second, regardless of whether it’s international or not, there are processes in place that allow you to get the child back. There may be an investigative period, there may be certain hoops you have to go through.

We discuss all of these things on the content on the online course. But just know that it can happen, it’s something you need to prepare for. There are certain things that you can do to prevent it, and also there are processes in place for you to employ to address it if it does happen during your custodial time and it’s something that you fear will happen to you.

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