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  • How to Choose an Attorney

    Using a lawyer can make a genuine difference in how you feel during the process of separation and divorce. A lawyer who truly listens to you and responds appropriately can greatly reduce your fears, uncertainty and confusion.
  • NC Divorce Tips – 5 Things To Do Before You Divorce

    These are the five things you must do before you act on any thoughts you have about divorce. These steps are specific to North Carolina divorce, but can be applied to divorce in most states. It’s important to be certain that you have done the things you need to do to feel good about your decisions.
  • North Carolina Divorce – The Big Picture

    he first thing you need is a solid understanding of how divorce law works in North Carolina. This article describes the basic substance of separation and marital dissolution law in North Carolina. With this information, you can better grasp the overall outline of the separation and divorce process in North Carolina. You will then be able to make more informed decisions about how you yourself should proceed, once you or your spouse decide that you should no longer live together.
  • Interest on IRAs as “Income” for Purposes of Child Support

    Child support guidelines use as plenary a definition of income as possible. Any source of funds available for support will usually be considered. A sharp split has arisen of late, however, as to whether the interest earned on an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) should be considered “income” for purposes of child support.
  • Are Grandparents Obligated to Pay Child Support?

    This article will focus on the obligation of grandparents to pay child support for their grandchildren. This article will also discuss briefly the right of grandparents to collect child support on behalf of grandchildren in their care and custody.
  • Child Support Guidelines

    North Carolina General Statutes requires the Conference of Chief District Judges to prescribe uniform statewide presumptive guidelines for determining the child support obligations of parents, and to review the guidelines periodically (at least once every four years) to determine whether their application results in appropriate child support orders.
  • What You Need to Know About Child Support in North Carolina

    hild Support in North Carolina is often settled by the parents of the child by agreement. Generally parents come to agreement based upon the North Carolina child support guidelines. The guidelines provide detailed instructions for those families with incomes of less than $300,000 per year.
  • Surviving Divorce: What You Should Know

    No matter who initiates a divorce and whether or not you see it coming the process is always very difficult. By having an understanding of what goes on in a divorce and of what you can do to help reach the desired outcome, the process can be made considerably easier.
  • The Cost of Divorce: How Much Are Attorney Fees?

    The exact attorney fee will vary with the services you require. Many law firms charge their clients a certain fee per hour. It is difficult for these attorneys to accurately predict the cost or your fee because they do not know precisely how much time it will take to complete your case.
  • How Do I Prepare to Meet With a Lawyer?

    How An Attorney Can Help Since property settlements can be very complicated, a lawyer can help you decide which of your belongings are marital property and which are separate property, and advise you as to how the court will divide that property. A lawyer will also be able to assist you in drafting a separation agreement in order to document your arrangements with your spouse….

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  • How Much Child Support Will I Have to Pay?

    North Carolina’s child support guidelines apply as a rebuttable presumption in all legal proceedings involving the child support obligation of a parent (including orders entered in criminal and juvenile proceedings, orders entered in UIFSA proceedings, and voluntary support agreements and consent orders approved by the court.) The guidelines do not apply to orders for “prior maintenance” (reimbursement of child-related expenses incurred prior to the date an action for child support is filed) or child support orders entered against stepparents or other persons or agencies who are secondarily liable for child support.
  • Stock Options & Child Support: What You Need to Know

    The determination of income drives the child support calculation. Every possible source of funds is considered in the calculation.
  • Who to Contact When Your Spouse Isn’t Paying Child Support

    Child Support Enforcement Agency Phone Numbers: A BC D EFGHIJLMNOPR STUVWY Alamance County (336) 570-6570 Alexander County (828) 632-1080 Allegheny County (336) 372-2411 Anson County (704) 694-3115 Ashe County (336) 219-2734 Beaufort County (252) 975-5520 Bertie County (252) (252) 332-2913 Bladen County (910) 862-6800 Brunswick County (910) 253-2077 Buncombe County (828) 232-1416 Burke County (828) 439-2000 Cabarrus County (704) 920-1400 Caldwell County (828) 757-8610 Camden…

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  • Insurance Coverage for Former Spouses

    Once coverage ends, under either the COBRA or mini-COBRA statues, a former spouse will need to find new health insurance. If a former spouse becomes ill or injured or acquires a chronic health condition (such as diabetes) while covered by COBRA, he or she may have a difficult time finding an insurer who will provide coverage.
  • Violating a Court Order: What You Need to Know

    Violations of court orders relating to custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and other family law issues can result in a finding of contempt of court and even jail time for the offending party. The following North Carolina cases illustrate the issues.
  • Can I Change My Child Support Agreement?

    Modification in General If a separation agreement has not become part of a court order, then (like other contracts) it can be modified only with the consent of the parties.  The parties can consent “in advance” by including in the agreement a provision that it may be modified under specified circumstances.  If the parties don’t agree that those specified circumstances exist, then the party seeking…

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  • Can I Make My Spouse Pay My Legal Fees for Child Support Proceedings?

    Rising Legal Fees Divorce is undoubtedly difficult from an emotional standpoint, but it can also be difficult for you financially. You and your former spouse will be adjusting to living off of one income, rather than a combined income and you will be separating your assets. In addition to this financial strain, you will also have to consider legal fees. The price tag for a…

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  • Child Support and Private School Tuition in North Carolina

    How does the expense associated with private school tuition impact child support in North Carolina? Child support obligations are determined by the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. You can use the Child Support Calculator to generate a personalized estimate of your child support obligation based on the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. Typically, these guidelines do not provide for private school tuition. However, all children…

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  • Divorce and Children with Disabilities in North Carolina

    Divorce brings with it all kinds of complexities related to children; parents struggle with sharing time and kids have to adjust to a new lifestyle of being shuffled back and forth. Inevitably a million issues will pop up when it comes to divorce and children. These issues are only compounded when the child involved suffers from a disability. Does the disability make an impact on…

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  • College Tuition and Costs and North Carolina Divorce

    Divorce forces parents to plan for the future. While all parents inevitably have thoughts or concerns about their child’s future, divorcing parents are thrust into addressing their plans, hopes, and fears much sooner than most. Suddenly you are trying to forecast what week-by-week schedule will work best for your child for the foreseeable future. You are trying to calculate how your Christmas should go every…

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  • How is child support calculated if a parent is self-employed?

    The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines are pretty straightforward; if you spend any time on our child support calculator, you’ll notice that much. Once you input each parent’s income and number of overnights you can have a good idea of what your child support obligation may be. But what happens in cases where income is hard to determine? This is certainly the case for self-employed individuals….

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  • Can I Get a Jury Trial for My North Carolina Divorce?

    Jury trials are sometimes an option in a North Carolina divorce. Find out when, why and how a jury trial might be used to decide your case.
  • What is a Qualified Medical Child Support Order?

    We like to think all parents want to support their children financially and ensure they are well taken care of. And when parents are together either as spouses or partners, spending money on a child doesn’t seem to be a big deal. But as soon as parents separate, and the dreaded word child support is mentioned, things can become contentious fast. Fortunately, the law is…

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  • Extra Expenses and Child Support – Who Pays?

    Your daughter is a star gymnast.  She has been in competitions since she was 5 and now she is 11.  She really has a shot at a scholarship and possibly the Olympics one day. But the lessons and competitions are not cheap.  This didn’t matter so much when you and your Ex were still together. Now, all of a sudden, it matters. Your Ex says it…

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