If my case goes to trial, who should my witnesses be?

Recent contact is also important with regard to the witnesses you have testify on your behalf. Witnesses should be chosen on the basis of not only their own involvement with you and your child and their possible expertise on your child’s needs, but also on the basis of the recency and frequency of their contacts with you and your child.

You are much better off with witnesses who have seen you and your child a lot over the past year than with witnesses who have not seen you and the child together in the last three years or who have seen you and the child only very occasionally.

You should consider a variety of people as possible witnesses:

  • family members
  • social workers
  • daycare providers
  • psychologists or psychiatrists
  • teachers
  • extracurricular activity leaders
  • ministers
  • pediatricians
  • parents of playmates and
  • neighbors to name just a few.