Do It Yourself Divorce Guide

Do It Yourself Divorce Guide provides step-by-step guide to obtain an absolute divorce in North Carolina

NC Do It Yourself Divorce Guide for Absolute Divorce

If you’re looking for more hands on assistance with your divorce, visit our “Do It Yourself Divorce” service for how-to’s, forms, and attorney assistance.

You’re looking to get a divorce. You don’t know the documents needed for divorce, the timelines and schedules you’ll need to follow, or how to do it yourself in the first place. What can you do?

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled an eBook, our Do It Yourself Divorce Guide, that walks you step-by-step through the process of filing for absolute divorce in North Carolina, including all the forms and detailed instructions on how to fill out each part.

You’ll find a list of all of the documents needed for divorce in NC, information on local rules for your county, a timeline you can follow for your own divorce, and common mistakes to avoid throughout the process.

Most importantly, this guide helps explain all facets of divorce and what is involved with them. For instance, you’ll not only learn the titles of all the different documents needed for divorce but also when to use them, instructions on what information to fill the forms in with, and how to properly file them with the court or serve them on your spouse depending on the type of form you are using.

So there you have it – information about all the documents needed for divorce, a road map of how to go through the divorce process, and legal guidance on how to handle each step of the process. Hopefully this guide has everything you need in order to avoid setting foot in a courtroom or needing to hire an attorney.

This guide will be most helpful to people who have little to no assets accumulated from your marriage, have had a relatively short marriage, and have a healthy working relationship with your current spouse and have both agreed to do your best together to end your marriage. If this doesn’t apply to you or you think you might need more help with managing your divorce yourself, please visit our Do It Yourself Divorce platform with access to unlimited attorney guidance.


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