North Carolina Divorce Website Overview

Lee Rosen, retired divorce attorney and founder of the Rosen Law Firm, provides you with a look at what resources you’ll find on

You have found the very best resource on divorce in North Carolina. I am Lee Rosen; there are three things that you need to know about this website. First of all, there is a center on every topic that’s important. Spend time visiting each of the centers. There’s one on child custody, child support, alimony, property division, divorce, domestic violence; the list goes on, everything from taxation to special center for business owners and retirement plan.

Second thing, there are all sorts of calculators on this site; child support calculator, alimony calculator, attorneys fees calculator. Along with applications for your smartphone; iPhones apps, Android apps, everything from calculators to property dividers to child custody calendars. Finally, you’ll have more questions; get them answered by attending one of the webinars; you’ll see details here on the page, or by posting your question on the forum. Of course, we’re always here to help. You’ll find our phone numbers at the bottom of every page. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need us. You’re on the right track; you’re finding the information you need. Knowledge is power and you’re on your way.

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