Can I bring criminal charges against my attacker?

Yes, there are several crimes with which the person abusing you could be charged. For example, Rape and Sexual Offense, Assault, Domestic Criminal Trespass, Communicating Threats, Stalking or Harassing Phone Calls.

Criminal Domestic Violence Charges


A person is guilty of Rape if they have [vaginal] intercourse with you by force and against your will. If the rapist displays or uses a dangerous weapon, causes serious personal injury, or is aided in the commission of the rape by additional persons, the crime is First Degree Rape and the rapist may be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Other Sexual Offense

A person is guilty of Sexual Offense if they force you to have sexual activity (other than [vaginal] intercourse) by force and against your will.


An Assault can be a misdemeanor or a felony.

Misdemeanor Assault

Misdemeanor assault is an act or an attempt, with force and violence, to do immediate physical injury to you and put you in fear of immediate bodily harm. The assault carries a more severe penalty if the victim of the assault us a child under the age of 12, or, if a male over 18 assaults a female. The name of that crime is Assault on a Female.

Felony Assault

If the abuser assaults you with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and/or cause serious injury this is a Felony Assault, which is more serious than a misdemeanor and carries a more serious penalty.

Domestic Criminal Trespass

A person is guilty of Domestic Criminal Trespass if he or she is a former spouse or partner and comes to your residence after your separation and after you have asked him or her not to come to your residence, or, if he or she refuses your request to leave your residence after your separation.

Communicating Threats

A person is guilty of Communicating Threats if, he or she threatens to physically injure you or damage your property, the threat is spoken or in writing, and is made in such a way that you actually believe that the threat will be carried out and it would cause a reasonable person to believe that it is likely to be carried out.


The offense of Stalking occurs when a person willfully and continually follows you (on more than one occasion) or is in your presence with the intent to cause emotional distress to you by placing you in reasonable fear of death or bodily injury.

Harassing Phone Calls

The offense of Harassing Phone Calls is committed if a person uses profane, indecent or threatening language against you over the telephone or on your answering machine. This includes annoying or harassing you by making false statements or by repeated calling.