How to Get Through Divorce Without Losing Your Sanity

How to Stay Sane During DivorceDivorce is overwhelming; the emotions, the required court appearances and the feeling of being pulled in nine different directions at once can really wear on you.

With so much to do (and so many places to be), how in the world are you supposed to adjust to single parenting and life on your own without going completely crazy?

Rely on Your Durham Divorce Lawyer for Advice
Your Durham divorce lawyer has worked with countless people in situations similar to yours. That means he or she can provide you with case-specific advice. If you have a question about how much alimony you’ll receive or have to pay, whether your kids get to decide where they’ll live or anything else, your lawyer can give you the right guidance.

Lists vs. Constant Brain Power
Are you the type of person who makes lists about making lists? While that’s a little on the extreme side, keeping a calendar or small notepad handy (or your smartphone, which can serve as both) might help you cope with daily stresses. You can write down what you need to remember and then let it go until you’re prepared to deal with it.

Getting Your Feelings Out
Many people benefit from finding creative ways to cope. Whether you choose to keep a journal during your divorce (which can serve as a written record for “he-said-she-said” disputes, too) or hit the gym to sweat out your frustrations, finding a way to cope with the emotions flooding your system is crucial to saving your sanity.

You might also consider talking to a counselor or therapist who specializes in dealing with the wounds of divorce. Your Durham divorce lawyer may even be able to give you a referral to a local professional if you don’t know how to find one on your own.

Remember: Today is Only 24 Hours Long
It takes longer to get to the moon than it will take you to get through this day—and tomorrow might be easier. You really can get through divorce without losing your sanity. Most divorcés will tell you that it’s tough, but it gets better; that means one day, you’ll join their ranks and everything will be smooth sailing.