My Spouse Cheated… Now What?

When your spouse cheats, trust goes out the window—and infidelity often lands one or both spouses in a chair inside a Durham divorce lawyer’s office. Others choose to work things out after an affair. If your husband or wife has cheated on you, what you decide to do right now will affect the rest of your life.

Talking to a Durham Divorce Lawyer
You might be one of the millions of people who decide that staying in the marriage isn’t an option. If that’s the case, talk to a Durham divorce lawyer as soon as possible. You can always change your mind—but the advice you get from a lawyer can be priceless.

Your Durham divorce lawyer will probably have several questions for you. In order to give you the best possible advice as it relates to your situation, your attorney needs to know your marital background, whether your spouse has a history of cheating and whether you have kids. He or she will also want to know if you plan on keeping your children with you, whether you need to stay in your current home and whether you’re financially ready to file for a divorce.

Staying with Your Spouse after an Affair
Some therapists suggest that a marriage can be repaired (not necessarily restored, but repaired) after cheating. However, the process is long and arduous. Many people who stay in a marriage don’t heal, forgive their partners or ever trust one another again, according to Psychology Today.

If you choose to stay, intensive therapy and counseling will likely benefit you and your family. Infidelity is serious business, and a trained professional can help you work through the process.

Rethinking Your Choices
Even if you choose to stay with your partner after he or she cheats, you might want to talk to a Durham divorce lawyer to find out what options you have. In some cases, the cheated-on spouse leaves the cheater after a brief period of trying to work things out. If it becomes apparent that you can’t get past your partner’s infidelity, simply call an attorney and find out what steps you should take to bring yourself emotional peace.