What Happens to Pets During a Divorce?

When couples divorce, most of the things they have must be divided. Each spouse, together with their Durham divorce lawyers, must decide on the equitable distribution of marital property. They decide who has custody of children, when visitation times will be and how much financial support will change hands.

But what about couples with pets? Pet custody battles rage on between splitting couples all the time—so how do you and your ex decide who gets the four-legged family members when you’re going your separate ways?

Fido and Your Durham Divorce Lawyer
Your Durham divorce lawyer might advise you to try working out an arrangement with your ex on your own. Usually, when divorcing couples work together to find a solution, the end result is something everyone can live with.

Kids and Pets: The Ties that Bind
Talk to your ex about keeping kids and pets together. Not only is it in your pets’ best interests, but it might be best for your kids, too. Separating them might cause extra stress that isn’t good for anyone. The bond between humans and their pets can be surprisingly strong—so even if you’re not very attached to the family pet, your kids likely are.

Pets without Kids: Fighting for Your Loved Ones
Even if you don’t have children, you probably don’t relish the idea of losing your best pal to your spouse during a divorce. If you can’t reach an agreement about where your dog, cat, fish or other family pet will live after your divorce, talk to your Durham divorce lawyer. He or she will be able to help you find the resources you need (like mediation) to come up with a solution.

Some couples find it fair to share custody of a pet, like they would with kids, while others refuse to give up one moment with their beloved companions. If your spouse won’t reach an agreement with you, your Durham divorce lawyer may be able to petition the judge to consider that as part of your case.