Government resources in Durham

If you have chosen Durham as your post-divorce homestead, you will certainly need information about government resources. Tax information and records, city or county utilities, and DMV hours and locations are just a few of the government resources you may need access to. You will find information about all relevant government resources in Durham in this article.


Tax Information

Durham County Tax Administration

200 E. Main Street

Durham, NC 27701

(919) 560 – 0300


After a divorce, you may have questions or concerns related to tax information and billing. Maybe you have changed your name and need to update that information for your vehicle tax bill, or perhaps your former spouse handled the finances and taxes and now you have to figure it out on your own. There are many reasons why you may need to obtain information from the Durham County Tax Administration after a divorce.

The Tax Administration website above provides a wealth of tax related information. You can peruse general tax information, read FAQs, and even make payments and download forms online. If the website can’t answer your question feel free to call a Tax Administration associate at the number above.


Postal Service

A necessary task when you move from any residence to another is to update your address with the local post office. While this is an easy chore to forget, it certainly helps you ensure you do not miss a bill or any other correspondence. All you need to do is fill out a “change of address” form at your local post office – or you can even do this online.

By doing this, all mail addressed to your previous address will be forwarded and delivered to your new address for a short-term basis. While you still need to update your address individually with certain service providers, your bank, online shopping websites and the like, this step helps ensure you don’t miss any mail before you update your address.

To find a post office in your Bull City neighbourhood use the locations tool on the USPS website. There are many Durham area post offices, but this will help you find the one nearest you.


Drivers License Information

Division of Motor Vehicles

The division of motor vehicles is another resource that you will need for various divorce-related tasks. Some reasons you may need to visit the DMV are as follows:

  1. To obtain a NC Drivers license
  2. To change your address on your existing NC license
  3. To change your name on your NC license after a divorce
  4. To obtain a NC Identification card
  5. Obtain information about vehicle registration and renewal
  6. Obtain a new vehicle title


Some of these tasks can be handled online, through the DMV website; you can update your address or order a duplicate drivers license online without having to set food in a DMV office. Other tasks, like changing your name on your license or ID card require a visit to your local DMV office. If you do have to visit a DMV location, be sure to call in advance and make sure they can address your request at that particular location as certain offices offer limited services.

The Durham area DMV office locations are listed below:

  • East Durham

101 South Miami Boulevard

Durham, NC 27703

(919) 560 – 6896


  • South Durham

3825 South Roxboro Street

Suite 119

Durham, NC 27713

(919) 560 – 3378


Social Security Information

Social Security Administration

Durham Office

3004 Tower Boulevard

Durham, NC 27707



If you have recently divorced, you might find that you need to visit the local social security office for several reasons. If you have legally changed your name after your divorce, you will need a new social security card. Another common reason why you may need to visit the local office is to obtain a replacement card if yours was lost – often during a divorce sensitive papers get shuffled around and losing your own or your child’s social security card is not uncommon.

To obtain a new social security card reflective of a name change after a divorce, you must go to the local Social Security Office and provide them with documentation that proves you are a US citizen (i.e., birth certificate or passport), and documentation of your legal name change (i.e., the divorce decree).  You will also need to fill out and print an application (on the SSA website) for a correction to your social security card.

If you need a duplicate card because the original has been lost or stolen, bring documentation of U.S. citizenship (i.e., passport or birth certificate), and proof of Identity (i.e., drivers license, military ID card, or passport), and the printed application form.



Department of Water Management

101 City Hall Plaza

Durham, NC 27701

(919) 560 – 4381


This public utilities department provides clean drinking water to Durham residents. Visiting the website provided above can answer most of your water-related questions. Whether you have a billing question, concern about waste water or runoff issues, or simply are interested in educational programs the website can help steer you in the right direction. You can even pay your bill, report a water main break, or report a sewer overflow directly through their website.


Solid Waste Management Department

1833 Camden Avenue

Durham, NC 27704

(919) 560 – 4186


The city of Durham also provides solid waste services such as curbside garbage collection, recycling programs, and yard waste and bulky items collection as well. The website provides information regarding collection times, how to arrange for a special collection, and locations for disposal facilities.


Emergency Services

Durham Police Department

505 W. Chapel Hill Street

Durham, NC 27701

(919) 560 – 4322


You should always immediately dial 911 if you are experiencing an emergency. For non-emergencies, however, website can provide useful information. There you can find crime information, public reports, information about victim services, and even information about obtaining permits for special events.


Durham Fire Department

2008 E. Club Boulevard

Durham, NC 27704

(919) 560 – 4242


If you are experiencing a fire, you should always first dial 911 and report the fire to the dispatcher. However, if you are interested in fire prevention programs, learning local fire-related statistics or even just want to browse FAQs, the website above is a great source for information.