Flat Fee Divorce in North Carolina

Divorce is difficult. Paying the fee can make it even harder. However, many divorce and family law firms in North Carolina offer flat fee divorce options providing certainty about the cost of obtaining a divorce

Flat Fee Divorce – What is it?

During a flat fee divorce, a one time fee is paid, in advance, for the services of the law firm. The attorney then manages the divorce to conclusion without the need for the client to pay any additional fees.

The flat fee charged by the law firm includes everything required for handling the matter including attorney fees as well as associated expenses. The exact flat fee will vary depending on the facts and circumstances of the matter.

Flat fee divorce is an option in North Carolina pursuant to the rules governing attorneys and the practice of law. Any attorney may offer a flat fee, but it’s not as common a fee arrangement as other models used by lawyers.


Is a Flat Fee Divorce always the right Choice?

Flat fees provide certainty. You’ll know what the divorce will cost and never have to worry about fees increasing over time. Flat fees provide security and certainty and reduce your anxiety. It’s hard to imagine a circumstance when a flat fee wouldn’t be the preferred option in a divorce.


When is a Flat Fee Divorce Possible?

Flat fees are nearly always an options. Whether your divorce is amicable or contested, resolved by agreement or in court, a flat fee divorce is available for you.


Benefits of Flat Fee Divorce

The flat fee divorce takes concern about paying the fee out of consideration. The flat fee is paid in advance and is no longer a factor. It allows the client to focus on the matter at hand without experiencing the stress of an uncertain and unpredictable attorney fee.

Rosen Law Firm offers flat fee divorce options for our clients. A flat fee is likely the most reasonable option for you when you’re planning your divorce.

Visit our pricing page for more details and a specific flat fee for a divorce in North Carolina.

A flat fee, while it benefits many, is not attorney fee nirvana. Some clients love it – they appreciate the certainty of knowing the fee in advance, avoiding the feeling of being nickel and dimed, and the comfort of knowing they can call their attorney without feeling that the clock is running.

Other clients worry that they’ll pay more than they hoped. They’re optimistic about a quick settlement and worry that they’ll pay the flat fee only to resolve the situation in a few hours.

Deciding on a fee arrangement isn’t always easy, but our preference is to place the risk on us – the experts – rather than on the client. We do our best to set a fair, fixed fee for your divorce and give you the choice to move forward with us if you feel the fee is fair. We use our experience to assess your situation and know what your case should cost.

Ultimately, you’ve got to decide what kind of attorney fee plan makes the most sense for you. Our belief is that a fixed fee makes sense for nearly all North Carolina families.

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