Holly Groh

Holly is an attorney who puts the needs of others before her own. When her fiancé (now husband) was in a severe car accident just as she was about to enter law school, Holly postponed her education and moved to Tucson, where she took care of him as he recovered. As a result, they have three anniversaries—the original one that was cancelled after the accident, the second that was a small ceremony to finally say their vows while he was still in a wheelchair, and the third that was a big wedding with their family and friends.

When she finally began law school, Holly distinguished herself by winning three book awards and serving as president of the Legal Fraternity Delta Theta Phi, which worked with Falcon’s Children’s Home. She also participated in Juvenile Mediation, helping high school students resolve conflicts and avoid criminal charges (How’s that for giving back?).

After receiving her degree, she interned at the United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of North Carolina, going on to start her career in general practice at a small firm. She handled not just family law, but also criminal law, civil litigation, personal injury, juvenile law, and abuse/neglect/dependency cases. Her criminal cases consisted of minor offenses all the way up to B1 felonies.

By 2013, Holly decided to open her own practice in Angier, where she focused on family law, criminal law, and juvenile law. Now, she’s investing her efforts in just family law with Rosen. If you aren’t already duly impressed, she’s currently the vice president of the District 11A Bar and has served in the past as secretary/treasurer, vice president, and president of the Harnett County Bar Association.

Not only is she an accomplished lawyer, but she’s an athlete with a creative side who is also very giving to her family, her clients, and the community. She spent her first year of college at Liberty University on an academic and Division 1 softball scholarship. She injured her arm but still wanted to play softball, so she transferred to Azusa Pacific University in California, where she played softball for three years while studying political science.

In spite of the time her law career requires, Holly hasn’t left athletics behind. She still plays softball and kickball, as well as golf, and she loves boating and water skiing. She has a creative side, too, which she expresses through baking and crafts. She’s obsessed with using Pinterest to find crafting ideas, especially decorations for parties and showers. She even painted a mural on her child’s wall and makes children’s birthday cakes like owls and Minnie Mouse.

You can see what we mean when we say that Holly is well-rounded and giving. With her clients, she’s honest and diligent, and she genuinely cares about them. She understands the importance of keeping them well-informed, and she knows it’s equally important to listen to them so that she’s clear on their goals and needs. It’s one of the reasons she was drawn to working at Rosen in the first place.

Holly Groh
Rosen Law Firm
E: hgroh@rosen.com
P: (919) 256-5577

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