Madeline Ebert

Madeline is just as accomplished as she is intelligent. She graduated from Michigan State with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Environmental Sustainability with the goal of becoming an environmental lawyer for the EPA.  She held the position of secretary for Michigan State’s Pre-Law Society where she was able to tour law schools, take practice LSATS, and speak one on one with attorneys. We’re thankful she decided to take a break from school to come put her knowledge and experience to practice in our firm.

Her experience extends well beyond school. As a legislative aid for a State Representative in Michigan, Madeline worked alongside constituents and lobbyists in the area and attended real congressional sessions. During her time in her position, she worked tirelessly advocating for resources to help the community, such as better employment opportunities for locals and fixing issues with roads to benefit all traveling through the state.

Madeline’s concern for others shines brightly in all she does. She previously volunteered for the Allen Neighborhood Center, working directly with children and teaching them about the environment and how to use it in a way beneficial to all, including healthy eating habits and how to plant and grow trees and flowers. She also volunteers at her local animal shelter, taking care of the pups there and taking them on walks.

When she isn’t out there looking after those unable to care for themselves, she loves spending time outdoors running, hiking, swimming, and adventuring. She also loves tennis and hockey (go Canes!). Sports aren’t the only things she plays – she also is a singer songwriter, playing guitar and singing her own songs.

Madeline is a goal-oriented, driven, positive, and passionate person with a can-do attitude. She loves helping her fellow community members and meeting new people, so be sure to say hello when you drop into our office in Raleigh and see her sitting behind the desk to welcome you to our firm.

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