§50-60. Appeals.

§ 50-60. Appeals.(a) An appeal may be based on failure to comply with the procedural aspects of this Article. An appeal may be taken from any of the following:

(1) An order denying an
an application to compel arbitration made under G.S. 50-43;

(2) An order granting an application to stay arbitration made under G.S. 50-43(b);

(3) An order confirming or denying confirmation of an award;

(4) An order modifying or correcting an award;

(5) An order vacating an award without directing a rehearing; or

(6) A judgment entered pursuant to provisions of this Article.

(b) Unless the parties contract in an arbitration agreement for judicial review of errors of law as provided in G.S. 50-54(a), a party may not appeal on the basis that the arbitrator failed to apply correctly the law under Chapters 50, 50A, 52B, or 52C of the General Statutes.

(c) The appeal shall be taken in the manner and to the same extent as from orders or judgments in a civil action. (1999-185, s. 1.)

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