A Raleigh Divorce Attorney Can Assist With Your Alimony Agreement

Alimony in Raleigh

Alimony laws have changed a lot over the past few decades. There are many more dual-income families, couples are more likely to share child care responsibilities, and no-fault divorces are becoming more common.

Since laws vary by state, it’s important to find out how things work in your state. In North Carolina, alimony may be awarded to a spouse who is substantially dependent on or substantially in need of support from the other spouse, or if the supporting spouse was responsible for the dissolution of the marriage.

North Carolina’s alimony statute lists several factors for the court to consider, but the truth is that determination of alimony is ultimately left up to the judge’s discretion.

Rather than letting the court make the decision about alimony, a Raleigh divorce attorney can help you work out an agreement instead. In fact, the law encourages divorcing couples to negotiate the alimony terms rather than leaving this determination up to the judge. These terms include the right to receive alimony, how much is to be received, when the arrangement can be modified, and when it terminates.

If both parties decide it would be best to work out an alimony agreement rather than letting the court decide, then the agreement needs to be fair, reasonable, and just, must be entered into without coercion or the exercise of undue influence, and with full knowledge of all the circumstances, conditions, and rights of both parties.

As experienced attorneys, we can help make sure you are meeting all these requirements and help you come to an alimony agreement that meets the needs of both parties. Contact us for more information.