How to Forward Your Mail During a Raleigh Divorce

During your divorce, you may have to move out of your home. In that case, your Raleigh divorce lawyer will advise you to forward your mail or permanently change your address through the United States Postal Service. The USPS will forward your bills, letters and other mail for up to 12 months.

If your move is only temporary, your Raleigh divorce lawyer will probably tell you to use the USPS’s temporary change of address service. Your Raleigh divorce lawyer will suggest a permanent change of address if you will not be returning to your former home.

Forwarding Mail During Your Raleigh Divorce

If your Raleigh divorce lawyer has suggested that you complete a temporary change of address form from the USPS, visit The Official Change of Address Form.

Select “Temporary” and enter the date you want your mail forwarding to begin. Your Raleigh divorce lawyer can help you determine the best time to move during your divorce. Enter the date you want forwarding services to end; ask your Raleigh divorce lawyer to help you determine when you will move back into your home. You can change the date later if necessary. Click “Continue.”

Your Raleigh divorce lawyer will likely advise you to forward only your own mail, so select “Individual” on the next screen. Repeat the process for any minors who will be moving with you and click “Continue.”

Complete all the data fields on the next screen and check them for accuracy before clicking “Continue.” For identity verification, the USPS will charge $1 to your credit card before processing your temporary change of address.

Permanently Changing Your Address During Your Raleigh Divorce

If you have discussed your options with your Raleigh divorce lawyer and have chosen to permanently change your address, visit The Official Change of Address Form on the USPS’s website.

Your Raleigh divorce lawyer will likely suggest a timeframe for your move. Enter a date in the box labeled “Start forwarding on” that is within the timeframe you and your Raleigh divorce lawyer have determined.

Highlight the radio button marked “Individual” so that your spouse’s mail continues to be delivered to the home. If your Raleigh divorce lawyer advises you to forward mail for other family members, such as children or other dependents, repeat the process for them.

Enter data in each field on the following screen. The USPS will verify your identity by charging $1 to your credit card.

Keep Your Raleigh Divorce Lawyer in the Loop

Notify your Raleigh divorce lawyer if you encounter any snags in the mail forwarding process. Be sure your Raleigh divorce lawyer has your correct address on file, regardless of any forwarding applications you have filed with the USPS. Your Raleigh divorce lawyer may need to correspond with you by mail, and making sure he or she has the correct address will prevent your spouse from intercepting your mail.