Raleigh Family Law Firm Knows Mediation

Raleigh Divorce Mediation

A popular cable television series, “Fairly Legal” has focused new attention on mediation as a way resolve legal disputes. The star, a beautiful if slightly personally challenged former lawyer, often describes her work as looking for a win-win solution.

TV drama and catch phrases aside, mediation is one of the most powerful tools in the family law practice tool kit.

In North Carolina, mediation is required for couples going through divorce if the case involves child custody or property settlement and the Raleigh family law team at Rosen Law can help you.

Skilled mediators can help people involved in divorce and child custody cases to get past their emotionally charged positions and arrive of agreements that protect the real interests of all the parties involved.

The power of mediation rests on two pillars. It brings both parties face-to-face with a where they can hear the other’s story without distortion and with a trained neutral mediator to help them address the issues in a thoughtful manner. It also brings to the table a player who does not have to be an advocate for either side, but who can place options on the table for both to consider.

Trained mediators can bring to the table experience in resolving similar cases. They can bring in additional parties (specialists) to help negotiate more challenging issues. The best mediators are able to cut through the anger, emotions and posturing that mark so many disputes and focus on finding solutions or agreements that help both parties get what they need to settle their disputes.

If you are involved in a divorce or child custody case, mediation may be one of the tools your lawyer will use to bring about a resolution. If you have questions on family law cases or on the potential for mediation in resolving your case, contact us.